Rules for The Beat Post International.

I write what I am told.      Webmaster  Bent Bay

I do not accept massmail with presents / gifts such as:

Awards, Valentine, Spring, Autumn, Christmas, New Year, Summer, Winther,  etc. more info.

Do turn on your speakers.This hits the nail on the head. If we all heed the contents, the amount of forwards would be cut in half. Just click the link below.
For those of you who are tired of getting emails that tell you to
forward to at least X number of people in the next 15 minutes so that wonderful things and miracles will happen if you do and there will be consequences if you don't, then you will enjoy this.

Click here: <>

My homepage is not only for Free Advertising for others Homepages.

When you receive an Award or Gift, it is up to you to find out,
 if there has been used copyright things to make it. more info.

I will only accept banners in  international size (468x60) other size will go in paperbasket.

My Guestbook  is only for Greetings. Not message for picking up presents.

Gifts and Awards received without URL, will not be placed on my Homepages.

Please do not send your Chainletters and Hoax  to me! Download Sound zip here!

For more information, click on the underlined links in text.

There must be something wrong by sending out Awards! How can a nearly new Homepage
with very bad grafik, two or three page´s and a picture of a cat or a dog, have won several
Gold-Awards?   An Award may not be a kind of a greeting-card ! Nor PR for a site!
Maybe after  reading this, you call me stupid and a dummy, OK I can live with that.

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