I love my Computer, because My Friends live in it !
Jeg elsker min Computer fordi, Mine venner bor her !

Have you ever found a friend who makes your heart glow?
Someone who is wonderful, who you're honored to know,
Someone to laugh with, and sometimes to cry,
Someone who loves you when you don't know why.

Someone who just seems to understand you,
Someone who you love no matter what they do,
Someone who you think of day and night,
Someone who shows up when the time is just right.

Someone who shares all your ups and downs,
Someone you smile with, replacing your frowns,
Someone who appears whenever there is a need,
Surely you must know, God planted that seed.

These seeds God has planted here on earth
Cannot be measured by earthly worth.
They were planted deeply in your friend's heart,
By God's love placed here from the start.

Value those friendships, honor their decisions,
Never try to make their dreams your revisions,
Respect their feelings, never make demands,
Hold their love tightly in your hands.

Never be angry if you don't talk to them each day,
For a heart can be loving even from far away.
Trust in friendship, send a piece of your heart,
This is how friendship was intended from the start.

Hold their memory in your heart and mind,
Continue to love them all the time,
See them for what they really are -
True friends are Angels sent by God from afar!


Thanks to my dear German friend.

Ich schenke Dir...
Ich schenke Dir ein Lächeln
das still Dein Herz berührt,
Dich sanft auf Vogelschwingen
hoch in den Himmel führt.
Ich schenke Dir die Hoffnung
die stumm die Seele streift,
damit Du mit den Händen
ganz feste nach ihr greifst.
Ich schenke Dir den Glauben
an Träume voller Glück,
und zauberhafte Wesen
der Kindheit kehren zurück.
Am Ende schenke ich leise
Dir noch die Zuversicht,
in einem dunklen Tunnel
siehst Du dann stets ein Licht.
Jetzt öffne ich die Hände
sie sind vollkommen leer,
ich schenkte Dir ein Lächeln
für mich war das nicht schwer.
a wounderful Week!





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