Here from the city of Van in eastern Turkey, and the tragedy going on here defies our ability to communicate in a consistent manner…. It is horrific
The stray dog you see here was hit by a car 3 days ago. Its back legs were broken as a result. Nobody took it to a vet or anything – it was left to lie there in agony for 3 days. It couldn't walk, it could only crawl after the incident. A few good citizens there in Van tried to help it, they cared for it, brought food and water so that it would survive. In the meantime, they called the authorities to come and help the poor dog. It was in excruciating pain, just begging for someone to put it out of that misery…
Three days later, the municipal authorities of Van finally showed up. Not, however, to rescue the dog. To the contrary, they came to kill the dog! In fact, the municipality did not even send a vet to the area. They sent a garbage truck and garbage collectors instead of medical assistance – the dog was nothing more than a piece of garbage to them anyway. And they did what they do best: rounded up the dog, tossed him into the garbage crusher alive and crushed him to death then and there. All the while, the dog screamed, screamed and screamed until that final blow killed it
The municipality of Van just confirmed the incident – there is no way to deny it anyway, it has been photographed by Dogan News Agency from the beginning to the end and it took place in broad daylight in the middle of the city.

This is sadism of a level that defies belief – that is under normal circumstances. The same happened in Turkey before, what we don't want to believe is that it is happening again. It is a disgrace on all humanity.
No matter where you live, even if you live on the moon, condemn this horrific massacre. Express how disgusted you are with these images not just to the local authorities of Van, but to the Prime Minister of Turkey. Tell the Turkish authorities to STOP THIS BLOODY MASSACRE RIGHT NOW!!
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

Mayor of Van Burhan Yenigun:
0432 216 73 41

Governor of Van
Ozdemir Cakacak
0 432 214 96 35

Honorable Officials, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am on a mission to adopt Jonah.The little dog from Turkey.For those unfamiliar I will tell you his heartbreaking true story.

A little dog was hit by a car and left in the streets.Calls to the authorities for help were unanswered until three days later when Turkish public workers arrived with a trash compactor/garbage truck.He tried to get away from them,dragging his broken hind quarters but where does a little dog go when he's hurting and scared?

These men were filmed putting a noose around his neck,one for each man and dragging this injured baby to the truck.He screamed in agony while people stood by and laughed.His cries went unanswered.His small body was thrown into the back of the truck.He was brought to the dump where he was later rescued and is currently receiving treatment.He is in bad shape but is a little miracle.Fighting to survive.He was named Jonah by caring people who are doing their best to help him. His Turkish name is Karam.

As soon as I saw the pictures I knew in my heart he was meant to be mine.Whether he is paralyzed or not I want to bring this little guy home. He will be loved,He already is loved.Its not going to be easy getting Jonah here and I need help.Please show your support by signing this petition.
Thank you!
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