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Here is the most Common Terms, as used by and on the Computer Language.
Her er de fleste Forkortelser, brugt i Computer Sproget:


LSDLeast Significant Digit
LSILarge Scale Integration
LZWLempel Ziv Welch
MACMedia Access Control
MANMetropolitan Area Network
MAPManufacturing Automation Protocol
MASMMacro Assembler
MBMega Byte (approximately one million bytes)
MCGAMulticolor Graphics Array
MCIMedia Control Interface
MDAMonochrome Display Adapter
MDIMultiple Document Interface
MDSMacintosh Development System
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Classes
MFMModified Frequency Modulation
MHSMessage Handling Service
MIDIMusical Instrument Digital Interface
MIMDMultiple Instruction Multiple Data
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIPSMillion Instructions per second
MISManagement Informations System
MMUMemory Management Unit
MNPMicrocom Networking Protocol
MPCMultimedia PC
MPEGMoving Pictures Experts Group
MPUMicroprocessor Unit
MRCIMicrosoft Real-Time Compression Interface
MSIMedium Scale Integration
MTBFMean Time Between Failures
NAUNetwork Access Unit
NCSCNational Computer Security Center
NDSINetwork Driver Interface Specification
NDPNumeric Data Processor
NICNetwork Interface Card
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NMINonmaskable Interrupt
NOSNetwork Operating System
OCROptical Character Recognition
OCXOLE Control
ODAPIOpen Database API
ODIOpen Data-Link Interface
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OLEObject Linking and Embedding
OMGObject Management Group
OOFSObject Oriented File System
OOPLObject Oriented Programming Language
OPROMOptical Programmable ROM
ORBObject Request Broker
OSOperating System
OSFOpen Software Foundation
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OS/2Operating System (IBM)
OWLObject Windows Library
PBXPrivate Branch Exchange
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
PCMPulse Code Modulation
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDESProduct Data Exchange Specification
PDLProgram Page Design Language (ADA)
PDNPublic Data Network
PEELProgrammable Electronically Erasable
PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Technique
PGLProfessional Graphics Language
PIAPeripheral Interface Adapter
PIFProgram Information File
PIMPersonal Information Manager
PINPersonal Identification Number
PLEProgrammable Logic Element
PMMUPaged Memory Management Unit
POPPost Office Protocol (POP 1, 2, and 3)
POSProgrammable Option Select
POSEPicture Oriented Sofrware Engineering
POSTPower On Self Test
PPPPoint to Point Protocol
PROMProgrammable Read-Only Memory
QEMMQuarterdeck Expanded Manager
QICQuarter Inch Cartridge
RAIDRedundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks
RAMRandom Access Memory
RAMDACRandom Access Memory Digital- to-analog Converter
RASROW Address Strobe
RDBMSRelational Database Management System
RFSRemote File System (AT&T)
RGBRed - Green - Blue
RIPRaster Image Processor
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RLERun-Length Encoding
RLLRun Length Limited
RMWRead Modify Write
ROMRead Only Memory
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RTFRich Text Format
RTVReal-Time Video
SANEStandard Apple Numeric Environment
SCSISmall Computer System Interface
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDLCSynchronous Data-Link Control
SIMMSingle In-line memory Module
SLIPSerial Line Internet Protocol
SMBServer Message Block
SMPSymmetric Multiprocessing
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TBTerabyte; (one trillion bytes)
TRAMTransputer Module
TSRTerminate and Stand Resident
TWAINInterface Standard for Imaging Peripherals
UAEUnrecoverable Applications Error
URLUniform Resource Locator
VANValue Added Network
VAPValue Added Process
VARValue Added Reseller
VBLVertical Blanking Interrupt
VBXVisual Basic Control
VERONICAVery Easy Rodent Oriented Netwide Index to Computerized Archives
VESAVideo Electronics Standard Association
VFSVitual File System
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VIDCVideo Controler
VISVideo Information System
VMEVitual Machine Environment
VMSVitual Memory System (DEC)
VRAMVideo Ram
WAISWide Area Information Server
WORMWrite Once - Read Many times
WWWWorld Wide Web
XAExtended Architecture
XMSExtended Memory Specification
ZCAVZone Constant Angular Velocity
ZIFZero Insertion Force
ZIPZig-Zag in-line Pakage/pin