As a singer I perform weekly usually in Western restaurants, or other County & Music bars, festivals.
I like most of the country music styles, like oldies, new American, bluegrass, swing. To listen to one or more of my songs you can go to the musicpage, and download the songs.
I have been singing country music for about 9 years now, and for me there's no bigger rush than singing this kind of music! If you want more information or perhaps a demo c.d. I'd be happy to send it to you.  I'd appreciate it if you would sign my guestbook!

This Dutch countrysinger has really found her mission by performing writing, and singing. She has been singing in several bands since she was 17 years old. She started developing her interest for countrymusic about 9 years ago, when she met  Bob de Jong, who is a known television producer and crazy about country music. She got her inspiration from artists like: Kellie Coffey, Sara Evans, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Trick Pony, Danni Leigh, Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton, Rhonda Vincent, Pam Tillis, Jill King  and many more!

Shannah was born in Copenhagen, has a Danish mother, a Dutch father and two brothers. They were brought up with the English language, and that is beneficial to everything that has to do with her singing and writing lyrics. Having lived in England for 4 years and one year in the U.S. (Santa Rosa, California) has contributed even more “feeling”with the English language. In Santa Rosa she was the singer in a band called “Vicious Rumours”.

She is living happily together with her husband, two sons and 5 cats in a little place in Gelderland called Velp. She is working very hard to build a career as a countrysinger, and has been taking  singing lessons once a week for about 8 years now.

Together with Han Epskamp who also writes songs for some famous dutch artists and the international songcontest (Mai Thai) , she has written some songs. One of those recently written songs got an “Songservice Award” for one of the 3 best composed/ written country songs in Europe.

She has won several big awards, and a  3rd prize in the Soundmix Pleasure Show (Henny Huisman) with a song called “Promise me”, and performed with some good Dutch artists. Last month she and some other countrysingers  were filmed for a country DVD and her songs / DVD will be sold national and international, this was a Cees Vermeulen production, the DVD will be released in the summer of 2004.

 Together with some other dutch country artists she will visit Texas (U.S.A) in august or september of this year, and perform at some local bars, like the Arkey Blue's Silver dollar Bar in Laredo and the Rocky Hill Bar in Smithville.

Last month (March 2004) she’s been making new contacts in Belgium and Germany, and has some performances scheduled there. It would be great to get some good relations in the U.S. as well.

If you have any questions or if you want to have some additional information you can e-mail to: info@shannah.nl

Dear Shannah - Thank you very much for the wonderful CD.

Thanks to Shannah for given me permission to make this page. Bent Bay (Webmaster)

Listen  here for a Danish song, sung by Shannah - click link below:

Shannah zingt "Little Butterfly" bij de Deense

Hør Shannah synge "Lille Sommerfugl" på Dansk.

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