Letter to Webmaster, Bent Bay:

 International Day of Protest Against Canada's Seal Hunt

Dear Mr. Bay

 I just want you to know Mrs. Stayart--can I call you Bay?--that your
website has truely touched me in a place where no one has touched me
before, except maybe for my uncle Steve.

Anyway Bay, I think it's horrible that thousands of baby seals are
having their little baby seal skulls splattered all over the ice floes
of barbaric Canada by barbaric Canadians in this so-called "sporting"
event, their tiny little baby seal brains being dashed against the cold,
uncaring rocks of "filthy lucre."

Therefore Bay, I have lovingly crafted a small graphic that I think
captures the true horror of this problem. Maybe you can use it on your
website for propoganda or something. From now on my motto is "Canucks
are for the rooks" though I may have to change that because I'm not sure
if it really rhymes but I'm pretty sure a rook is a kind of bird so it
basically means "Canadians are for the birds," which I thought was kind
of clever. I didn't have much time to think of a motto because I was so
busy working on that graphic.

Anyway, thanks, Bay, for opening my eyes to this horrible problem
happening not very far north of me. To think the evil Canadians are
doing this right under my nose behind my back! But I'll make sure to
sign that petition and boycott all Canadian and seal-related products,
even though that probably means I'll have to use a different hair gel now.






Urgent: Over 250,000 More Seals Will Die

The killing has started

Letters to Webmaster (English / Danish)

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