How to save music and pictures
from received e-mails in Outlook express.

First you have to adjust your options in "Send" like below:

Then you have find the mail containing the music and photo´s
you want to save. Then click on it and press the "Forward" buttom.

Now you get this window, and here you can save the music and picture
if you want. If this do not work 100% - just "forward" the letter to your
own mailadress and pick up the attachments.


Do not forget to reset your settings in Outlook express, when done.

Another great way to save all kind of music, even from
Radio Stations is with #23 Recorder 2.1.

You can record for hours from the same radioprogram, and after that you
can edit your recording, and change to another file system like
MP3 / Wave or OGG

You can get it here for Free:


This is how your fingers also can work - If you play Harmonica.

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