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The company of FREE Registry Cleaner is laying!

This is what happen when you install the FREE REGISTRY CLEANER
Now it told me that I have to pay US$29,85 to get the problems away! I can get better Cleaners, and at a cheaper prize, so I just delete the program.
Then this show up - Now I can have a $5.00 coupon.
Still I say "NO", and then a coupon for $20.00 shows up. Now  I can have the whole shit for only US$4,85. My conclusion is, Never cross the river to get wather. I spend 10 minutes on this bull-shit, and got nothing!

Letters from Readers
I bought Registry cleaner and paid good money for it and it destroyed my computer.Just had to reformat the entire thing and lost alot when it happened last month. So I did not reinstall it at all.

Jana Church

Nova Scotia Canada

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