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Proud to be White!  Yes, I am also!  I'm a Native Mississippian and was raised that if it wasn't WHITE then it wasn't RIGHT!  Thanks for speaking up!  I'm also sick of the divided rights and holidays and such. (NN)

I read some of the comments on “Proud to be White.” I think the best way to express

the proud feelings one has about oneself, is to just feel “Proud to be an American.”

If every one truly felt this way about themselves, there would be peace throughout  

country.  This is the only way to tear down the Racial–Divide. This country has

experienced in it’s life time one Civil War already, we don’t need another one.

Here is why it’ll work.

This is what a Proud American means to me:

a.       Having or showing excessive self-esteem.

b.       Having proper self-respect.

c.       Respect for all others through ones own self-respect.

d.       A person pure of heart with love of God & country.

e.       Respects one another and their properties.

f.        A person too Proud to take advantage of the System.

            g.   Proud Americans have nothing to do with color.

Now the hard part.  Every one has to do their share. No one is exempt, and no one

is above the law.  Our judicial system may not be totally fair but then this isn’t a perfect

society and never will be.  But if we don’t try, we’ll never know if we would have succeeded.

Praising one’s self for being white can be inflammatory if not expressed properly. 

I don’t care if you’re White, Black, Brown, Red or Yellow, as long as you are legal, and every one

follows the rules, we’ll all be better off.

I know your asking your self “what color is this guy?”

You’d be surprised.  That question has only one answer…“ I’m a Proud American.” 

 Pete D.

I agree with you 1000%!!!! You hit the nail right on the head! I can\'t believe that all the higher ups that have the authority to do something about this have sat idly by and let all of this happen. I say we throw THEM out as well and get some people in there that will actually DO something to save our country! KUDOS TO YOU AND MORE POWER TO YOU!!!  GOD BLESS YOU AS WELL AS OUR COUNTRY!

Regardless...we all bleed red blood.
I hear your point and I respect it. I also hear and respect all others. It is sad that the world cannot hear and respect each other as simply 'human beings' not race, and afford each other the same honor...but that is just the way it is. There is 'good and bad' so to speak, in all no matter what race, creed or color they are. And I personally do not give energy to either. I live my life in accordance to what I personally feel and I allow others the same right to do so. Nothing is my cause or concern outside of children, elderly, animals and human rights UNLESS it affects me personally. This way? I stay centered, focused and involved with all that really matters to me.
Blessings My friend. Your webhome is very truthful. honest and thought provoking, and it is well made and pleasing to the eye. It was a pleasure to visit with you a while.
Kate - aka Silver Queen http://groups.msn.com/ASpiritualWalk

I, as well as you, are tired of being the minority in my own country. You speak the truth. (Kenneth Leo Butt)

My name is Olivia, I am 14 years old and am from Oregon in the US. After seeing those videos I started to cry. I never knew this was being done and feel absolutely heartbroken about those dogs. Even though I don't support the war in Iraq, I don't think you are wise to judge Americans only for the soldiers. To me, dogs are Man's Best Friend. I do not understand how anyone could kill a dog or for that matter, an innocent Iraqian. I apologize for some soldier's weird personalities, but I also know someone who died in Iraq, and I know he would never, ever do anything like that. My brother's friend, Mr. Finnerdy was a good Christian man. Just like the phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's cover," I hope that you don't judge all Americans just by the soldiers.


I went to college with a guy(white) whose father was stationed in Zimbabwe with the State Department.  He was born there, and liked to put "African-American" as his race on forms.  It really pissed off blacks, but in reality, he was more "African" than they were. 


P.S.  Why is it "African-American"?  Africa is a continent...not a country!!!

Dear Bent , Once again I was Shocked by the Videos you have Been able to Collect and made avable for Viewing to so many people and the Pubic ! I commend you for your sight for many reasons ,I as you very well Know have replied to your in  Comments Box before .,My Name is

Captain Steven T. Cornella Sr. and my Fire Department and men RISKS are Life saving Trapped People as well as All PETS when ever Possible  at  Any and ALL FIRE WE RESPOND TO ! I JUST CAN’T SEE WHY ANYONE WOULD WANT TO SHOOT ( KILL ) A HELPLESS ANIMAL \Please Pray

For all  our TRUE HEROES to return Home soon from  the HELL LIFE there Living on the Other side of the World ! and may the WEAK AND LOWLIFE  Individuals   who commit these UNCALLED FOR KILLING ACTS REMEMBER THERE ACTIONS WHEN THERE CALLED TO  MEET THERE MAKER !


Steven T. Cornella Sr.

Falcon Safety Products , Inc.

Plant Operations / Mfg. Maintenance .

I don't believe a word of this. I was in Vietnam and never seen troops shoot dogs. I think the person that wrote this is some sick son a bitch that wants to turn americans on each other, so need I say who this person is, just another osoma binladin. I was proud to be in the service, and im proud of our service men and buy the way i love dog's and all pet's and wild life. And I don´t think you will print this on your page. You will keep up trying to make americans look bad; but if you get them to the point were they don't trust there government to protect us from you sick basterd's, then you will have something to worry about. The worst thing you can do is pis off the american people. Charles W Kaiser - a proud american.

I just read your letter about proud to be white.  What I find to be amazing is it’s thatEvery aspect you covered is true.  I’ve been saying that everyone should have a right To enjoy their heritage and not be considered a racist for it. And the funny thing is, I’m not even white.  I was born in America, and live the American way, I have served my  Country, and would die for America.  I just believe you can be proud of your heritage and not be considered  A racist for it.  You have to be able to open the doors of equality for everyone. Chris

Two wrongs have never made a right.  The responses you received indicate to what extent your article appealed to racists.  America is based on a "melting pot" concept, not on diversity, and any designation which deliniates between different Americans is wrong, whether it be "African Americans", "White Americans", or anyother group.  I am simply proud to be American, that's where it stops, and am thankful my forefathers left your Europe with it's endless tribal wars, inter country hatred, and pervasive elitist perspectives such as your own.  Your racist ideology is dead as a doornail in America, and only hangs on in the sordid little dark nooks and crannies of bigoted minds. By the way, you got your racial epithets wrong.  "Kike" was an epithet used against Jews, which are still considered white last I knew.  But maybe you don't like them either.  American.

   We are all human despite the different colors.  We should each be proud of our heritage.  And by the way, your ancestors came from SOMEWHERE.   So in fact you have an ethnic background from somewhere, otherwise you would be native American.  I AM part native American.  I am also part English, Irish, and Scottish.  My ancestors have been in this country so long that I am not familiar with the culture of each of my ancestors, but I wish I were.  I think if we could appreciate and respect the culture of other races we could have a much more peaceful, loving world.

  We are all one race, the HUMAN RACE.  We are all leaves of one tree, drops of one ocean, organs of one body.  We could eliminate the hate and the prejudice by accepting each other and our differences.  In fact, we could all ENJOY our differences and LEARN  from each other. 

  I pray that someday you will see the wisdom of what I am saying.  My thoughts and prayers will be with you always!    NN.

Couple of thoughts:

Slavery has been a pervasive fact of life from the beginning of human history.  The word “slave” derives from “Slav”, because the Slavic people repeatedly were overrun by everyone in creation (and taken as slaves) to the point where the two words became synonymous.  OK – so the US condoned slavery for a while, which was merely a continuation of a practice that had been around since the beginning of time.

But the US abolished it – unlike almost any other country or society.  So why isn’t the US known and praised for abolishing slavery, rather than for sanctioning it for a while like everyone else had done throughout history???  Particularly since the people who abolished it were…the overwhelming majority of terrible whites.

The answer of course, is politics.  Too many people and groups have vested interests in perpetuating racism and continually flogging the very folks who abolished slavery.  And many (not all) are black – for instance, Jesse and Al.

Speaking of racism, what in the world is an “Hispanic”?  (Or “Latino”, or whatever today’s PC term is.)  “Hispanic” certainly isn’t anything like a race, as the term is commonly (and unscientifically) understood.  Instead, it’s a purely political creation.  Hey, it worked for black people, so let’s make up a new “race” that we politicians can pander to!  When you think about it, it’s absurd – “Hispanics” come from all over the globe, and from all different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Nobody in the US took them as slaves; so the black model doesn’t fit -- but it works. The US government, which legitimized this “race”, even has a dilemma counting “Hispanics”, because some are white, some are black, some are part-everything-you-can-think-of… The only two things that define them are a “Hispanic” name and/or the fact that they speak some dialect of Spanish.  Oh, except people who actually are from Spain – they’re not “Hispanic”: they’re just Spanish.

So, here’s a related question:  if one of the two things that define “Hispanic” people is the fact they speak some dialect of Spanish, why are they so intent on maintaining “their” language?  After all, the only reason they speak it is because Spain built a really big empire and, in the bargain, conquered and exploited their ancestors.  So why would you want to perpetuate your conqueror’s language? 

Just curious…

William Marshall

Those that cause any creature created harm and/or pain should be shot, no questions asked. How would they like to be skinned alive, or beaten with a bat... I could not watch the videos. Once I saw  a short clip on the racoons, I was crying and I couldn't watch it all. It is just too painful for me to see man treat these dear, sweet animals so thoughtlessly brutal. I'm not even sure our Neanderthal predecessors treated animals so cruelly. I have no sympathy for, no compassion for no emotional bind for anyone who abuses an animal. I will never travel to Greece. What sort of logic is it that says it interrupts a dogs normal being when neutered yet poisoning doesn't interrupt their natural, normal space in life.

I cannot tolerate these idiots nor can I watch it on video. I hope some day these atrocities cease.



What is it going to take to stop all of this?

A war on our own soil? 

This issue has been ongoing for a long time and nothing has changed, it has gotten worse. It is time that the laws change.

Build 2 fences call the space in between the neutral zone arm it with heat seeking computerized rifles
All these minority laws must change. all these racial dis. laws must change.
Why must I speak Spanish to get a job in my own country?
Why do we the American citizens pay taxes, so that illegals can go to school for free and then try to turn this beautiful country into something else?
Why in GODS name are our country's leaders allowing these wrong doings to us the American citizens.
This must stop.
My wife lived in Mexico and went to school there had to learn Spanish and abide by there laws
I lived in W.Germany and went to school there and had to learn German and abide by there laws.
We are and have been US citizens since birth and lived abroad
My mother and her father are German and having lived among the German
people and speaking with my relative I can tell you that they feal the same way
If  I want to live in africa or mexico I will move there.
Send this to our law makers
I love America, lets keep it America.
Bobby M
I can say that your site and comments has to be the topic and concern for all white Americans. There is no other way to put it we would and are called racist for demonstrating our beliefs in white America. There are so many organizations for blacks that it is crazy and unnecessary. Why do we not have the ability to have a white based organization? I am a racist I believe that we are the top of the color chain, and blacks will always be at the bottom. They will always be there because they put themselves there, trying to always make a point that they are oppressed well if anyone is oppressed it is the white population and that's it. We do not get recognized for anything anymore, just that we "hurt" and "damaged" a race known as the blacks or African Americans. Well to tell you the truth it was the African people that sold their own people to better their economy, we did not go to Africa looking for slaves just trading. The average black citizen has no clue about the real past and refuse to know because they would have to admit to being wrong. The funniest thing is that we consider ourselves Americans why do we have to label another race different from ours? If the black society decided to go back to Africa the people over there would kill them because they are Americans not Africans. (Nicole Wilson)
 I love your site, If only everyone in the world would see this and take sometime to let it all sink in and reflect on where they have come from and where they are headed,we all might slow down a bit. It\'s all so real and true and yes a bit scary. Mankind has become to educated in many wrong ways. I am 51 years of age and wonder whats ahead for all the young people.Take care of this earth we live on,and worry less about what we don\'t have.I\'ve always said if we have what we need and not everything we want we\'ll be ok. Thanks for your time. Terry Simmons.

It's good have honesty.  The question is what is a White American.  African American of this day are whites(?) born in Africa,  with white(?) parents born in America. This world was not created with a price tag or in meat market.  God look around and said "It is Good".  Not perfect.  Since all that is has been. 

 We've anticipated the arrival of the your kind of man. Human is Hue as man of color.Mankind(your kind) has always had a fear of the unknown.
So you project your mirrored image of yourself and apply it to us.   Denial is not an asset.  Creates ignorance and fear.
We humans understand you  and the likes of you              Understand it is not your fault that society tricked you in to thinking you were superior, you know how rumors spread. I think it was our president who made the statement paraphrasing If you repeat it enough people will believe the rhetoric.  It's rumored he is superior.
We love him though.  It really really isn't his fault.

BE PROUD!!! BE PROUD OF YOUR HERITAGE AND YOUR RACE!!! No one is telling you to be otherwise. You are what you are. None of us can change that. God made all of us!! But He did not make any of us better than the other!!! You must be young. If so, it explains your confusion. If you knew the chronological history, you wouldn't be so piqued by the minority answer to historically white racist abuse. Be proud of your race. Just don't attempt to disgrace or vilify other races or nationalities as a result. It then quite naturally becomes racist!!

However, ---- The reason why its wrong is inherent in the very message posted at your web site.

To begin, your depiction of minorities immediately assumes that if anyone is doing crime, it MUST be an African American, an Hispanic, --- any minority of any form. That's simply untrue. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were arrested for DUI charges.... They committed crimes by not following laws like anyone else. And generally speaking, up to a point, Paris Hilton has gotten away with quite a bit more than the average minority would get away with. She's absolutely devastated that she has to go to jail. For whatever reason, a notorious percentage of white people think that jail is only for minorities.... not for themselves, especially if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Simply re-read your statement

There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc.

And then there are just Americans.

You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me "White boy," "Cracker," "Honkie," corrected the spelling (lol)

"Whitey," "Caveman" ... and that's OK.

But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... you call me a racist.

You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

Answer: (It depends where you live and who's living there!!) Once again, you must be quite young, because you don't know history. Ghettos are where people are societally "FORCED" to live, due to historically racist socioeconomic abuses, such as banks redlining neighborhoods, etc. BTW, the word "ghetto" is a location of any concentration of people who maintain same or similar cultures.... so if you live in an all-white neighborhood, just to be away from the rest of society, it's still a ghetto!!! Please note the definition below:)

Etymology: Italian, from Venetian dialect ghèto island where Jews were forced to live, literally, foundry (located on the island), from ghetàr to cast, from Latin jactare to throw -- more at JET
1 : a quarter of a city in which Jews were formerly required to live
2 : a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure
3 a : an isolated group

You have the United Negro College Fund. What? You want us to stay as ignorant as your fantasy wants us to be? You have Martin Luther King Day. It took almost fifteen years to happen. Now come on, you have every white person under the sun being deified, but we can't honor those slain by white people? You have Black History Month. Started as Frederick Douglass day in Washington, DC in 1899, it became Black History week and finally month. We also have Women's History month (March), Hispanic month (September), Asian-Pacific Month (May) -- celebrating multiculturalism, -- if Blacks are so bad, why do white people imitate them? You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Yom Hashoah (If you speak of Jewish High Holy Days, then isn't it wonderful to live in a country where you have the freedom to believe as you choose? After all, you have the right to post your thoughts on your web site!!!)You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi

You have the NAACP. NAACP was the answer to the white KKK. So you've had your white nationalist societies. John Birch Society, KKK, NAZI Party, the whole gamut have been historically a part of being white. It goes back to the confederacy in the civil war. It hasn't changed. But when we respond in kind by the Urban League, NAACP, SNCC, Rainbow Coalition, it's horrible, isn't it? In many urban areas, those that are depicted as welfare recipients as African American and Hispanic minorities. Not so!!! The average person on welfare these days is a Caucasian unwed mother.

You have BET.

If we had WET (White Entertainment Television) ... we'd be racists.

You are angry at BET? We created BET DUE to the so-called WET industry. Sure. there are a few token minorities that made it in mainstream media. But being one very close to the entertainment industry, I also no that producers keep their watchful eye over how long a minority show remains on TV. . . That's been done since the 50s when Nat King Cole had his successful TV show removed, not for the consistently high ratings, but simply it was Tooooooooo successful!!! Now there is anger because Bob Johnson, an African American entrepreneur, is a billionaire due to the success of such a market. How dare African Americans succeed!!!!! How dare African Americans take what's thrown at them by racists and turn any or all of it into a success story!!

If we had a White Pride Day .. you would call us racists.

If we had White History Month .. we'd be racists.

If we had any organization for only whites to "advance" OUR lives ...

we'd be racists. Please refer to this: Ku Klux Klan and Other Hate Groups in the United States

BE PROUD!!! BE PROUD OF YOUR HERITAGE AND YOUR RACE!!! No one is telling you to be otherwise. You are what you are. None of us can change that. God made all of us!! But He did not make any of us better than the other!!! You must be young. If so, it explains your confusion. If you knew the chronological history, you wouldn't be so piqued by the minority answer to historically white racist abuse. Be proud of your race. Just don't attempt to disgrace or vilify other races or nationalities as a result. It then quite naturally becomes racist!!

You got to be crazy. Every thing in the usa is gear toward white folks. I am a 65 year old black man, born and raise in the usa and if you belive what you wrote, you are crazy as hell. (anonymous)

 Thank you. Webmaster Bent Bay

We never get what we want

We never want what we get

We never have what we like

We never like what we have

Still we Live & Love

This is Life


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