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Letters from Readers. (Proud to be soldier)

US law deems cruelty to animals as a crime that carries jail time. People who leave their animals outside during excessive heat and cold without shelter, food and water are found just as guilty as those who promote dog or rooster fights, and those who murder animals. If this story is true, if those soldiers are truly killing for sport, be it to animals or humans, they will be caught and identified and will be absolutely be punished for what they are doing.
Cruelty is not just found in America, but everywhere on this planet... but for each heartless person out there, there are hundreds of compassionate people who will not hesitate to help the innocent, be it a human or an animal.
I understand why you have this story on your website, however, there are other stories of 'GOOD' soldiers, the ones who are there only under orders from the US government and they try to be compassionate to the Iraq people while they fight minute by minute to stay alive and protect the innocent (people, animals, and personal property). Most American citizens do NOT agree with Bush and want our soldiers to come home.
You cannot help someone who does not want to be helped, no matter how hard you try. The people in Iraq (and other countries where the US Gov. is meddling) who want freedom should come to the US or other country where the government has freedom, instead of staying in the midst of the war and making our soldiers feel responsible for their safety. For a zillion dollars less than what has already been spent on this war, the US Gov could have provided free passport to all Iraq families who wanted to escape bondage of constant war. I am sorry that Bush and those war lovers before him, have caused so much suffering to people overall the world, including our own. I don't know what else to say...

I will not look at the Video ,it makes me sick alone to read about it ! I can only say that these are not our Soldiers - these are "Low life" gutter people -Americans only by Birthright  -heaven forbid , I am afraid that I would be jailed for life -if someone would hurt my Dog !  SOO SAD !  Renata

Why would any one want 2 shoot a dog? They r like children & old people at the mercy of the world. I love any animal more than I like most people. If u spell dog backwards it spells GOD. I would beat the living daylights out of anyone i see mistreating any animal. They have hearts & feelings same as people. Gosh this makes me so angry. I would like 2 take a mining belt 2 this fool or put him in a 3x4 cage 4 a year & let dogs snarl & growel at him every day.
nancy little .

My name is Olivia, I am 14 years old and am from Oregon in the US. After seeing those videos I started to cry. I never knew this was being done and feel absolutely heartbroken about those dogs. Even though I don't support the war in Iraq, I don't think you are wise to judge Americans only for the soldiers. To me, dogs are Man's Best Friend. I do not understand how anyone could kill a dog or for that matter, an innocent Iraqian. I apologize for some soldier's weird personalities, but I also know someone who died in Iraq, and I know he would never, ever do anything like that. My brother's friend, Mr. Finnerdy was a good Christian man. Just like the phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's cover," I hope that you don't judge all Americans just by the soldiers. Sincerely,

Any animal should be respected and this story is very sad, something has to be done about those poor inoffensive animals who gave the best of them once and now in pay receive that ignominious treatment. G.C.

My name is Rose I am an American from England but still consider myself one I know what you mean by the sickness of that video. Those people should be killed right there but it sounds like you are targeting every American as being like those swine. I thought that video was sick but Americans are not all like that.
The country is like any other ok maybe the President is an incompitent assanine mental retard who is a complete disgrace to man kind anywhere but that doesn't mean all of them are bad.
I love my dogs very much and would not want that to happen I agree those soldiers need to pay.
I hope GOD has mercy on their souls sick demented bastards. They don't deserve prison they deserve death that just turns my stomach inside out. Please post my letter because I hope they are reading. Like I said Americans are not all bad it is the moron Presidents that want war That moron Bush Jr. is the reason why the world hates America. He is the reason this war is killing so many and he is the terrorist here. He needs to be imprisioned That just makes me sick to watch soldiers do that. SICK BASTARDS!!!
      Rose Landchester, Honolulu, Hawaii

I cannot believe the video that was just sent to me!! I have been praying for our soldiers to come home safely
and what do I get? This video! It makes me sick to my stomach to see what animals some
of our soldiers have become!!! Who are the dogs here??? To shoot helpless animals and  laugh while you do it, what a bunch of sickos!!! I have been a very proud American all of my life, it is very hard for me to be proud of the sick, demented soldiers that would do this kind of things just for kicks! My stomach is sick from all of this, my heart grieves to think  someone could be so cruel! They are sending a football player to prison for 1 whole year  for dog fighting. Huh these soldiers(???) I use the term soldiers very lightly!  A true soldier would not do this!  These jerks deserve life in prison for murder!!! What they did is NOT defending freedom for anyone.
I pray God has mercy on their souls for these hideous murders!     
Helen Young

These things that are happening to dogs and probable to any other animal that crosses this path must be stopped......Some one once said ..With the more people you meet ...the more you appreciate your dog!      John.

Those that cause any creature created harm and/or pain should be shot, no questions asked. How would they like to be skinned alive, or beaten with a bat... I could not watch the videos. Once I saw  a short clip on the racoons, I was crying and I couldn't watch it all. It is just too painful for me to see man treat these dear, sweet animals so thoughtlessly brutal. I'm not even sure our Neanderthal predecessors treated animals so cruelly. I have no sympathy for, no compassion for no emotional bind for anyone who abuses an animal. I will never travel to Greece. What sort of logic is it that says it interrupts a dogs normal being when neutered yet poisoning doesn't interrupt their natural, normal space in life.
I cannot tolerate these idiots nor can I watch it on video. I hope some day these atrocities cease.

Shooting mans best friend is terrible and you should stay where you are if this is the way you act as a US troop. This is not part of the American way and if this is true, you should pay for this. Look a MV who is being indited for dog fights. What happened to you. Was this the way your parents raised you or was this a direct order? This is terrible, you should make friends and they may save your little ass. Fredna RN - military spouse for 23 years.

This practise is cruel and barbaric. It should be stopped and the people involved punished if caught. Please do something!
Joe Devlin.

I am very angry, because Mr. Bush play ”Worldpolice” and send this kind of idiots out to help winning a war?  Maybe they don´t want them at home! Jack Ewans.

Please believe I am not arguing for or against what I am seeing in these films.  I just want to know from where the films come.  I am not looking to excuse this behavior; I just don't understand why someone would film it --- which is why we need to know who did the filming.  Help, please? Melanie.

Dear Bent;Judging something by looking at a small part of it is fallible. If you refused to buy a house just because the grass wasn’t green that may be very short sighted on your part. In this case you have focused on the few to make the whole look bad. I too agree that cruelty to any animal is barbaric by anyone in any country. It is unfortunate that you have decided to post a few wrongs to label the rest of America wrong. You of all people should know better. I have unsubscribed from your lists and am encouraging others to do the same. Regards, Dale Goodno,  A Proud American

We, none of us, should be there. The Iraqis have had internecine warfare from time immemorial. The only way Hussein kept them in line was with an iron fist. Why in the hell we think we can straighten out a situation that is over a thousand years old eludes me. "Idle minds are the devil's workshop" comes to mind and that ain't exclusively American.

I am an American. No one I know would want to kill your dog. I live in a community in New Mexico that has numerous groups to help animals and prevent cruelty to animals. We also have hard core groups of protesters against the war in Iraq, against the Bush administration, and against cruelty to any living creature. Not all Americans voted for Bush and his crazy vice president. We hate them too. We believe he lost both elections, in other words, the so called winning of those elections was a lie.... they cheated. We are doing much to prevent this from happening again, to take back our government for the people!  It is very sad that this happened and the Bush regime has ruined the good will towards America during his reign of terror.  Please do not lump us all together. Shooting at dogs is punishable by imprisonment in this country... for the soldiers to do such a thing should be punishable too. Sincerely,  C. H Santa Fe, New Mexico   USA

Hello, I thought you would like to know that our old dog had to be put down, because of illness.. but shoot a dog for fun, what the hell is the matter with these damn people.  Annie of NJ



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I know why the Iraq people and the dog´s hate the Americans!
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