I am not a Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc....
I am just an American that can see the effects of the last four years.
Let's just consider the facts....

Speaking of spending, you can point to the Bush Budget, but you can't point to
Obama's Budget because for three years there hasn't been one !
Is that what he meant by transparency?
You decide - 4 more years?
Only your vote can get rid of this!


We, as Americans, are being fed, by the politicians, various non-facts and exaggerations to get us to react in their favor.

They have adopted the premise that we cannot distinguish fact from fiction, and in many instances they are correct. There is a large segment of the population that simply reacts emotionally rather than intellectually to the spiel put out by Obama, Romney, etc. That emotional response is what gets our country into hot water as it is now.

If we all looked at what is actually occurring and forget personality and the "BS" factor of those wanting to run our country, we would have a better chance of improving the situation!

Remember four years is a long time to deal with a mistake you cannot rectify!

You can't blame Obama for his tactics, lying, false promises etc...
That is typical of low character frauds that will do anything to achieve their goal!

Do you want to know more about Obama?

Cartoons based on the current administration in Washington, USA

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