Buttermilk Pancake Balls

Please help me.

Aebleskiver! Thanks heavens you don't have to pronounce it to eat it. What is it? This is probably the most asked question. Now I am asking you. Do you know about these Pancake balls (Aebleskiver)? Do you have  them in your country, and what are they called in your language? Send to : Bent Bay


If you could stroll down the main street of Solvang, a Danish community in California, you would see an unusual pan featured in many of the shop windows. Looking like an inverted frying pan with deep dimples, the monk’s or aebleskiver pan is used to make a Danish treat, pancake balls.


DK - Vær venlig, hvis du bor udenfor Danmark at fortælle mig om du kender til disse æbleskiver.
UK - USA - Please, if you live outside Denmark, tell me if you know this pancake balls.
If you do, Please, tell me the name and your country.


D - Bitte wenn Sie außerhalb Dänemarks leben, erklären Sie mir, wenn Sie Kugeln dieses Pfannkuchens kennen.
Wenn Sie mir den Namen und das Land bitte erklären.


NL - Tevreden, als u buiten Denemarken leeft, vertel me of kent u deze pannekoekballen.
Als u, gelieve, me de naam en het land te vertellen.


F - , Si vous vivez en dehors du Danemark, veuillez me dire si vous connaissez des boules de cette crêpe.
Si vous, svp, me dites le nom et le pays.


 Comments from Readers :

In the netherlands those pancake balls you were talking about are called poffertjes.

I actually live in Southern California, USA and growing up my family, would go up to Solvang where we would look forward to getting aebleskivers.It is one of my fondest memories of family vacations while growing up. Katryn Fennell.

I havnt heard about this in Halifax Nova Scotia but it sure looks good and would like to learn more about it.    M.E Holland

We have something similar in the Czech Republic. They are called Livance and the pan is almost identical to the one used for the pancake balls except the pancakes do not end up in a ball shape but rather a puffed up version of the regular pancake. It is a yeast dough that has to be left to raise for a half hour.  After cooking, you top with blueberries and whip cream, or jam and grated cheese or as some like with cinnamon.

Buttermilk is not something available in the Czech Republic. I look forward to the day it is since  many of my recipes contain buttermilk. Right now I do a make believe version by adding lemon juice to regular milk.  It is okay when you can't get buttermilk, but certainly not as good as the real thing.

Nancy Volak



I live about 30 miles from Solvang California a charming little town founded by Danish immigrants. When my daughter was a child we drove there almost every Sunday for breakfast and our favorite treat of AEbleskiver. I enjoyed talking with the residents because my heritage is Danish and Dutch. We lived close to our relatives when I was growing up, they adhered to many customs from what my father called 'the old country'.

Sadly, now 35 years later the AEbleskiver are made and served by non-English speaking Hispanics and the charming Danish village has become so commercialized and it is somewhat of a tourist trap.

Ruth Case
Carpinteria, CA USA


  I first tasted aebleskivers at the Alameda County Fair (California) many years ago.  Then, we got a cast iron aebleskiver pan and used to make them at home.My second mother-in-law had Altzheimer's disease and lived in a full-time care facility dedicated to this illness.  We visited almost every day and made friends with many of the folks there.  Their days were long and boring.  One lady came to the USA from Denmark.  I asked her once if she had ever made aebleskivers and her face lit up.  She was surprised to know a non-Dane even knew of them.  We talked often after that, and I think it brightened her day to talk of her homeland.    (Jerry Craft)


I am originally from the southeastern part of Mexico and we have exactly what you call a balled up pancake
 except we call them "buñuelos"  and yes just like our american countertparts they are served with honey.
javier from Mexico.















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