We have been at the War this time
Longer than that one in Forty-one
With maybe not as many casualties
But too many, more than one.

The right thing when we started
And sent Troops to Afghanistan
But then, we got our mess in Iraq
And have ended up an, also ran.

The Pres says, “Cut and run?  No way!”
But, isn’t that just a little late
Seems like we did that years ago
After forcing Saddam from Kuwait.

We should have gone on to Baghdad
When the World was by our side
When we were still respected
And our Nation was filled with Pride.

After the attacks on Pearl Harbor
Our People knew where we should be
There was no doubt, protecting Freedom
Was our Country’s utmost priority.

We had an Honorable goal
And the Truth (?) was known by all
Although we didn’t want to go to War
The Japanese at Pearl, made that call.

Sometimes there is no other choice
And no matter how hard we may try
We have had to send our young away
To fight battles, to get hurt, to die.

But, there’s times the Politicians
And the corporate powers that be
In their quest for wealth and power
Will gamble with our Great Country.

When they have spent all our resources
And put us all in hopeless debt
With no more to pillage from us
They'll try to get more from us, yet.

But this time they have gone too far
And the World will never be the same
In the end there’ll be no one to win
And no ending, to this deadly game.

Another, “Day of Infamy!” ?
Well, there surely isn’t any doubt
But, when we chose to invade Iraq
We forgot what that day, was about.


from years past


Around eight o’clock in the morn
In Nineteen forty-one
On December the Seventh
Our World War Two was begun.

We’d tried to stay out of it
And said, it was not our fight
But an attack by Jap aircraft
Made us look and see the light.

One hundred of our ships
Were docked at the Seaport
And planes parked all around
With Troops for their support.

The saddest part of the attack
Was, it was known an hour before
A Jap midget sub spotted and sunk
And that may have changed the War.

The crew of the USS Ward
Who had sent it down below
Radioed Pearl Naval Command
Who didn’t believe their story, so.

That one hour of warning
The Navy Brass failed to heed
May have saved so many lives
Maybe lost without need.

Some sixty-one years later
The truth was finally known
The sub found with the holes
Shells from the Ward had blown.

Some have said our Government
Knew of the attack beforehand
Some accounts hard to believe
And even harder to understand.

Almost twelve hundred wounded
Nearly twenty-four hundred died
Our Country shocked and outraged
While all of our People cried.

Twenty-one ships sunk or damaged
Plus more than three hundred planes
Wrecks strewn along the bottom
Which, still hold some remains.

Many years have come and passed
Since that day of infamy
With so many more battles waged
To help keep our Country Free.

So sad it takes War for Peace
But guess that’s the Human way
But seems there’s more time fighting
Than we spend with a peaceful day.

December 7th, 2005

(after 9/11)

On this day we remember
That “day of infamy”
And sadly we understand
More than we want to see.

A “sneak attack” on Freedom
And the American way
Brought back to reality
On Septembers’ eleventh day.

Thousands died in forty-one
With so many not retrieved
Resting in their watery grave
O’er which friends and family grieved.

Now we have another place
Known to all, as “Ground Zero”
Where we have another bunch
Of, the American Hero.

Sixty years of times’ passage
Hasn’t changed the “Patriot”
Hasn’t dampened our resolve
To remember, not, forget.

Those who gave their, “all”
And those, still yet, to “give”
Standing for, protecting
The kind of life, we live.

The casualties of war
Don’t always bear a gun
But, they all are Heroes
When all is said and done.

Now, we have another one
Of those “infamous” days
With the horrible cost
That Freedom, often, pays.

December 7th, 2001

Del "Abe" Jones


©Copyright by Del "Abe" Jones
"The National Alliance of Families"

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