Should We Live By -- AS LAWS?

By J. Jay Evenson
While many good people demand legislation regarding "morality" and want to make it illegal to engage in any conduct or activity which they deem sinful or immoral, they rush to defend "their Rights" to Freedom of Religion, according to the First Amendment!

What would happen to our society if we adopted as LAWS some of the primary beliefs of every religion? Could we live?

Under Catholicism, nobody could be divorced and remarried. Ditto for Judaism and many other faiths. Such actions are immoral and sinful.

If the Mormons could make the laws for everyone, all alcoholic beverages would be immoral and outlawed.

Jehovah's Witnesses would have a law against blood transfusions.

Some Baptists and other preachers would have a law against dancing - immoral - leads to sex.

Pentecostals would make it illegal for anyone to wear jewelry and it would be against the law (sinful equals illegal) to wear make-up.

The Amish would ban all TV, radios, telephones, autos, airplanes and computers - immoral - because these things make weak people out of us all. They would also make education beyond an 8th grade level illegal.

Christian Science would make medical doctors illegal - medicines, too would be against the law.

It would be a law that every male would be circumcised - and some religions would even require that of women. Some religions would require the women to cover their legs to the ankles or be branded immoral - and others would have morality laws passed requiring all women to have their faces veiled. All men would have to allow their facial hair to grow or they would be immoral.

Islam would prohibit money lending for profit and require a death penalty for an adulteress - immoral.

Nobody would be allowed to have statues of religious figures - Pork would be illegal and nobody would be allowed to kill a steer.

Of course, most would make it a morality law to smoke a cigarette, appear nude before consenting adults, have sex with someone to whom you are not married (by each religion's doctrine). Some would make it illegal to have any sex except for the purpose of procreation - and that would have to be missionary style - and with clothes on.

Nobody could conduct any form of business on Saturday and Sunday - or even do their own chores.

Abortions? That would be considered murder, regardless of circumstance - even if it meant the mother would have to die!

Music? That, too, would be illegal - all types! Buddhists would... you get the picture?

The Islamic faith also considers use of force (jihad), including outright murder, a "moral act" when conducted for the purpose of bringing non-believers or heretics to accept their religion.

MORALITY??????? Whose Morality????? In these United States we are supposed to have laws within the limitations (limited government) written down as our Constitution. But some people, including our lawmakers and judges, seems to think "We the People..." created our government to tell us what our "Moral Standards" should be.

THIS SHOULD BE THE ONLY MORAL STANDARD - People are free to do as they please unless they cause actual harm to another. If harm is caused, the injured party (or government acting on the injured party's behalf) should take action - make a specific charge, prove the damage to the person injured, and allow the accused to face their accuser.

If we are to take any other "Moral" attitude and pass it as law, then we must adopt the moral beliefs, dogma, doctrines and tenets of all religions.

Who would be willing to have ALL of the above mentioned "Morality Standards" passed as LAWS? Remember, you don't get to pick and choose -- ALL or NONE!



What do you think of the following article, supposedly appearing in a legitimate paper ...

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