Webmaster Bent Bay på Dansk - Tryk Her 
Born on the 3 June 1939
I'm not like everyone else and I'm happy !

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Went to school for 7 years

Foulum - Nr. Rind - Bjerregrav

Flemming Efterskole - Rask Mølle

My confirmation was 4April 1953


Worked on different farms

Bjerregrav - Hærup - Roum - Boldrup

GD 370 839

Livgarden from 2. Juli 1958  (16 month)

Teacher at Viborg Kaserne  (2 years)
(Militairy base)

Jeep - Dodge - GMC

Worked in Norway for 8 years

Hobøl - Ringebu - Brøttum - Byrkjelo

Hvittsten - Hobøl.
Photo is showing my first
employment in Norway 1959
I came to Norway in an error. Searched through the newspaper, on an advertisement  for Sveiser. It turned out to be a Herdsman *


Read "A" = Byrkjelo - Norway

For 31 years I worked as a foreman at DJK - Dan Mørtel  - Optiroc - Viborg
Factory for Mortel & Reinforced Concrete
In my spare time I was working as a Taxi and Busdriver

Driving license for all vehicles


I am Danish

Greetings to all my former  International Agents


Leisure pursuit

My dog Ditte is Dead - 30th April 2008 - Last Goodbye to Ditte


I play the accordion & Keyboard


I have practiced karate -1977 - 1981


I love Country Music


I was the editor for The Beat Post International   ( 1961 - 1997 )
President for The Norwegian Beatles Fan Club. ( 1964 - 1968 )
President for The Seekers Fan Club. (1965 - 1971 )
Photographing and developing


Walkie Talkie
2 meter license - Kortbølge (OZ1 IVM)
Computers 1997


In 2004 I joined the Tarm Krocket Club


I collect jokes I have more than 20.000 0n my Homepage. Click Here


Here I am using many hours every day.

I have visited theese countries

Norway, Sweden, Ôland, Gotland, Finland, Lithuanian, Poland, Russia, Belerusia, U.S.A., Canada, Nepal, Greenland, Iceland, Deutsland, Netherlands, Belgium, Algir, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Madeira, Switzerland, Italy, Sicily, San Marino, Monaco, Morocco, Turkey, Česká Republika, Hungary, Slovensko, Serbiea, Bulgaria, Maldives, Jamaica; Morocco, Gibraltar, Mallorca,  Greenland,

For a few years I had a house in Javea (Costa Blanca), Spain.

I understand the following languages:

Danish 100%, Jydsk 99%, Norwedian 99%, Swedish 90%, English 90%, German 80%

Dutch 50%, Polish 25%

My Car

Renault Laguna 1,8
1.8 - 4 cylindre i række - 8V 1783 / 1794 cm³ 70 kW (95 hk) / 5750 145 Nm - 0-100km 13,9 sek. - 180 km/h

I was married for 24 years and divorced in 2008.
I demanded the divorce. When you can not trust your partner,
there is no other way out.
I am happy with my life, and finally feel free.

This is my father Karl Peter Bay Nielsen.

May he rest in peace!


 The name ”Bay” comes from Mammen parish, where Karl Bays grandma Petrine Vistisen had given birth to two more children Martin Bay (f.1891) There names are Viggo Christensen Bay and Kirstine Christensen Bay. The father of  Martin Bay is named Jens Nielsen and the father of Viggo and Kirstine is named Kresten Christensen Bay and it is from there the name  Bay comes from if you look in the book of the local parish from Mammen.


Webmaster Can html. Bent Bay
I know almost "everything" about Computers

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