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Lyne Camping



2.000 meter over Lyne Camping.

Efter orkanen 8. Jan. 2005

Dette er 3 ud af 12 ødelagte fortelte. Mit vintertelt klarede det fint.


Sct. Hansaften / Midsommer aften 2005

En meget vellykket aften, med godt og varmt vejr. Heksen kom fint afsted.



Påsken / Easter 2006
Nyt fortelt / New tent

Lyne Camping Hjemmeside

West Jutland is packed with things to do – from south to north It is home to a range of fascinating and thriving towns with all kinds of entertainment and cultural attractions. There is also plenty for energetic holidaymakers to see and do. For example, how about a holiday playing golf on park-like courses in urban areas, seaside links, or hillier courses further inland?

West Jutland also boasts some of the finest fishing waters in Denmark, so there are excellent chances of enjoying freshly caught fish for dinner. Denmark has no less than 7,314 km of coastline – quite an impressive figure for a country of this size. People come from far and near year after year to enjoy the fresh air, the broad white sandy beaches and the open vistas that line the west coast of Jutland. Another reason why West Jutland is the most popular destination in Denmark is the well-known hospitality of the West Jutlanders. The countryside of the region is a delight in itself, but there is much more to West Jutland.

There are so many activities to choose from that sometimes you have to prioritise. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to a relaxing or active holiday packed with delights.

The fresh air, the scent of the fields, the heather on the heath, or the roar in the surf of the North Sea and much more.  Experience it yourselves on one of the 61 cycling and hiking routes in Central and Western Jutland.


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