Letters to Webmaster.

Dear Bent ,

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year for all of us here at National Right to Work to remember those who have partnered with other freedom-loving Americans across the country to battle against forced unionism.
And you are at the top of that list.
Your continued encouragement and generosity is humbling to all of us who have fought side by side this year to step up and secure basic liberties that many take for granted.
It is a challenge to ensure that there are resources to fight this ongoing battle both in the courts and in the legislative arena.
It just couldn't be done without you!
Foundation attorneys and staff continue to move the strategic litigation program forward, taking on cases involving union political spending, forced unionism abuses before the National Labor Relations Board, and securing assistance for home care providers to name just a few significant issues.
Meanwhile, the Committee has mobilized concerned citizens like you to support Right to Work legislation at both the state and federal levels, and our aggressive National Right to Work Act program is gaining momentum.
Bent , thanks to you, National Right to Work continues to lead the fight in our country against compulsory unionism.
Please accept my heartfelt thanks at this Thanksgiving holiday for your partnership in assisting thousands of working men and women fighting back against forced unionism.
On behalf of all us here at National Right to Work, let me wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!
We are blessed to have friends like you.
23.Nov 2011
Best regards,
Mark Mix

Do have response?  Or should I say:  ďGot nuttin, ta say?Ē  You US and A Ė erís are all alike Ė Just a nation of back-ass country bum-fucks that think you got something happing?  Let me tell you bright boy (ref b.bunny) You are the most ignorant bunch of losers on the Planet Earth.
The point I want to make is to raise your awareness.  Your Founding Fathers executed one of the bravest actions in recorded history.  They broke away from those who would enslave them. And they wrote a Constitution that is full and ripe with the ideas of democracy and independence.  BUT, as this held fast in the forming of your nation, evil forces have been at work to undermine this sacred document until you have where you are today; once again enslaved by your own leaders.
This isnít just an USA problem, this is a Canadian problem as well.  Our leaders continually sell us out Ė Kowtow to Multi-national oil companies.  It is sick and wrong,  Our nation is being destroyed and nowhere can you see it better than where I work and live. (I think you can guess)
Shall I continue or, should we on a grass roots make an alliance between the people of Canada and the United States of America to oppose those who would enslave us? Please respond. Larry Hanson


Let me first say i'm more native american; but i consider myself white; we have more done to us than blacks can ever think of; killed. robed. raped; and our homes brunt, but i still think of this as america. that is what i am; blacks r taught to hate from babies till they die; they love to inflect pain on other people, if they can't find some-one else they do it to their women; they love to hurt  weaker person, to make them feel bigger. look at africa where they come from, they still treat their women worst than they do in the midle east; hove more kids than the women can feed; while they lay up snort coke; drink, have sex with each other;. the blacks took their on brothers and sisters and sold them into slavery; it wasn't whites that went to africa and took them; they did it to their own race; then why blame (  WHITES) ?????? (NN)

Hey Jerk, you sure can spew a bunch of crap!!! My mothers side of the family was here in Texas since before 10-2-1835 My father was a wetback around early 1940ís I have 6th cousins whoís family endured the aftermath of that war, they stayed . My uncles killed Germans during ww2, one of them killed Koreans during that war, bunch of cousins served in Vietnam I tried to serve after high school, they wouldnít have me. When I hear the nation anthem it makes my eyes water and the hair stand up on the back of my neck! I would die for my country if need be, but Iíll be dammed if I would follow the Idiots we now have for leaders I didnít vote for them cause they couldnít find their way to Vietnam when they should have, but they sure know how to send people to the front donít they!! There aint many around here more dedicated to this great land founded with the belief in God and his son Jesus Christ, who made us ALL!! Red yellow black and white they are precious in his sight. A house divided can not stand. So take a pill and chill out. Cosmo Perez .

Wanted the picture of the 3 Sailors standing and looking at the ship passing through with the blue angels overhead. My Father was a member of the "Fighting Tigers", and my husband was if the Navy, and I just thought that this would be a nice picture to put in his room as he is disabled and is in awe of these types of ships.
Apparently you are a selfish person that put these pictures out, but don't want to share unless you get something in return. I will just put it up on my screen and try to take a picture of it and I hope I don't see anything from you again.
I have received old pictures of Pear Harbor, but the person that put those out was just willing to share.
Thank you,
Shirley Baker
Daughter of Capt. Glen Ray Baker Sr.
To Shirley Baker from Webmaster.
I am seek and tired  because people just steal from my homepage. Therefore, on some pages, when you rihgt-clik, this will blow up:
I do not like the words in red in above letter. Even if you where the daughter of GOD - I don`t care!
(If people ask nice I do always send what they want)

It is apparent to me that you are misinformed about many things. First of all, colleges which have been traditionally called black colleges, were formed ,mostly by religious institutions to enable blacks to gain an education, when the white schools would not accept them. There is not one black college that will not accept white people. There were no black owned nationwide entertainment media groups when BET began. You forgot to mention that even though the network is yet called BET it is owned by a white corporation called VIACOM. I agree name calling is wrong on either side of the spectrum. We ought to spend more time concentrating on areas where we are alike as opposed to our color, religion, national origin, etc. Blacks, in most cases cannot be racists, in that, they have no power to make changes or differences in various arenas. Racism suggests that one is in a position of power. Poor people tend to commit crimes of violence, regardless of color. Affluent people commit what we call white collar crimes. Poor people receive welfare, wealthy people(corporations)receive subsidies. Touching on the subject of Black History. Think about it, this was the only time that white people or any people would consider the things black people offered white people and the world life changing measures such as the traffic light, blood plasma, washing machines, The 3 Musketeers, etc. So that the world might understand the contributions of blacks, G Carter Woodson initiated Black History Week, which evolved into Black History Month. I agree with you, it shouldn't be necessary. History should be taught as it was, without regard to color or race.  ReubentJR
I thought your homepage was beautiful, and it brought so many memories to me of the past.  In this fast crazy world we live in now, where war, hate, deceit, lies, where God is not to be mentioned, where Homosexuals and Lesbains infruiate us, and signle sex relationships and marriages exsist, where it's a crime to have the Ten Commandments displayed, where the Pledge of Alliegence is also a crime to say, in school, or at sporting events, where any language other than Enlish is acceptable in this country, when Muslims want to kill all foriegners, who are not Muslim, and where a President and a Congress are ready to sell out this country, for greed, your homepage, reminds me of the America I was born and raised in, when I went to school, when we had fresh air, when we had no space stations, or computers, or tv either. How in many ways, I and many of us wish for this nosgalia again.  I thank you for bringing this out, and I will let everyperson in my address book, know about it.
 Steve Pommer

Dear Bent , Once again I was Shocked by the Videos you have Been able to Collect and made avable for Viewing to so many people and the Pubic ! I commend you for your sight for many reasons ,I as you very well Know have replied to your in  Comments Box before .,My Name is
Captain Steven T. Cornella Sr. and my Fire Department and men RISKS are Life saving Trapped People as well as All PETS when ever Possible  at  Any and ALL FIRE WE RESPOND TO ! I JUST CANíT SEE WHY ANYONE WOULD WANT TO SHOOT ( KILL ) A HELPLESS ANIMAL \Please Pray
For all  our TRUE HEROES to return Home soon from  the HELL LIFE there Living on the Other side of the World ! and may the WEAK AND LOWLIFE  Individuals   who commit these UNCALLED FOR KILLING ACTS REMEMBER THERE ACTIONS WHEN THERE CALLED TO  MEET THERE MAKER !
Steven T. Cornella Sr.
Falcon Safety Products , Inc.
Plant Operations / Mfg. Maintenance .

 I love your site, If only everyone in the world would see this and take sometime to let it all sink in and reflect on where they have come from and where they are headed,we all might slow down a bit. It\'s all so real and true and yes a bit scary. Mankind has become to educated in many wrong ways. I am 51 years of age and wonder whats ahead for all the young people.Take care of this earth we live on,and worry less about what we don\'t have.I\'ve always said if we have what we need and not everything we want we'll be ok. Thanks for your time. Terry Simmons.

Maybe if we quit giving to the poor and  catering to those who don't try to achieve, we can start making a come back. The more programs we create for these people just encourages others to get on the train.

If we run off the Mexicans, who in the hell is going to do the hard labor in this country? I don't condone ill legals but Americans don't want to work for a living anymore. Thanks, I feel better now!  Joe  

I am sorry to inform you Bent Bay but you are racist. We have 78 proclaimed black colleges but you have way over 300. We may have BET but you have 2-200 TV station .(Now that shit is funny.) Unfortunately the NAACP is not just for black people. They even protect white women against the white race. And as far as the Ghetto being the most dangerous places I have to beg a differ because as a black female I think any place there is a group of racist white people with guns it may very well be the most dangerous place. Even if you don't have guns just if you run in a pack. You have been known to cause great danger sort of like wild dogs let go to fend for themselves. White people have an unspoken code of everything is mine. You run all the business control all the finance and for some reason have forgotten that you too are not Americans. The true Americans would be the native Indians. Some how you forgot  about those cold caves you climb out of. That is before you could stand upright. Not only have you forgot about that but if you look  at the fact that blacks have been slaved to build this Oh sweet country of ours (not)  without pay  and have discovered many of the things you use today and don't own or share any of the profits It a joke and you my dear are a bunch of thief. Every invention that black people have came up with gas mask, penicillin, traffic light, open heart surgery, pencil sharpener, refrigeration, street sweeper just to name a few have been stolen by your people. Doesn't make you smart just a damn thief. I can promise you not one black person is getting what they deserve for those invention. While someone of your proud white race is sitting on his/her very wealthy flat ass enjoying  money from someone else's invention. Oh lets not forget how white women love our color, lips, and ASSessessess and our MEN. They love those so well there stealing those to. And Right in front and Up under your long ass noses. By the way I'm glad you are proud and I am to, and very much aware of the mind games and manipulation that you white people play.

Connie Johnson.

After reading this debate, it occurs to me that many who live in our town shy away from reading the "truth."  As ridiculous as it sounds, to voice an opinion about Muslims  or act patriotic, or wanting to remember 9/11, is perceived as a political action, ( i.e. Republican thing) as although many are people of Faith and Family and Country, a person can't talk about it.  It's not Democrat ....ic, if you get my meaning.  What a shame? C-


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