'Earth goes under on Saturday - that's for sure !

Hundreds of Americans have over the last year sold their belongings, left the family and friends to warn the world about the Earth's destruction Saturday.
Perhaps you should postpone spring cleaning - at least until Sunday just to be sure. And consider just whether it is also worthwhile to postpone this weekend's mother visits - just a few days. One can never know.
For, according to a larger group of American Christians who have garnered much media attention, beginning Earth's total destruction Saturday.

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And that's for sure.

Bible, it guarantees that the slogan of the group behind the doomsday theory sounds.
Over the past year, a growing group of Americans based around the Christian Californian radio station
'Family Radio'  raised U.S. thinly in their doomsday motorhome with the message that land goes under  21. maj. It is safe and known.

Has calculated to 21 May

The religious group is led by the 89-year-old Harold Camping, who has calculated the doomsday date on Saturday from studies of the Bible and complicated calculations of the verse numbers and the biblical dates. Everything points towards 21st May 2011, he explains to CNN.
The leader of 'Family Radio ", Harold Camping, has calculated for Divine Worship on Saturday.
- I know this is completely true because the Bible never wrong, it sounds straightforward explanation of Harold Camping's doomsday beliefs.
Crunch with bible-math
Harold Camping was temporarily also the man who in 1994 predicted that the land would go under the 6th September the same year. It happened as we know not.
The unfortunate mistake was due, according to Harold Camping, a few verses in the Bible had confused him, so he figured wrong. But this time it should be good enough, he promises.
Have left family and friends
Through his radio station Family Radio, Harold Camping has managed to convince hundreds of listeners that it all ends on Saturday.
And they're obviously completely convinced that the earth's demise really begins on Saturday, although their apocalyptic beliefs have had great personal impact. They have given away or sold their belongings, sold their houses and often lost large parts of the game community, who have not had the desire or faith to share their conviction that the earth is kaput 21st May this year.
Mr. and Mrs.. Morrell had left their four children
One of them is Dennis Morrell and his wife from Florida who have left their homes, saying their job and left their four children aged 17-24 years to spread the message of doom.
- The children think their parents are crazy, "says Dennis Morrell CNN.
- But I still hope that God will open their spiritual eyes. But they are in an age where they love life. They do not want that this world will cease to exist, he told the American TV station.


Are afraid to go to hell

Although, Dennis Morrell and his wife more secure than ever that the end literally is near.
- Why wait to see if all this is actually going to happen when you have the possibility to ask for mercy? I will not die and go to hell. Will you? he asks CNN's reporter.
The warnings are the way to heaven
The group around the Family Radio is convinced that the people who have helped to warn their environments on Earth's destruction, will be saved from doom inferno, which will last until 21 October.
Earth, according doomsday group being hit by a huge earthquake with a Richter force of 15 - enough power to destroy all life on earth.
18.00 o'clock we go
Harold Camping has calculated that the first destruction will hit the Earth at 18.00 at the international date line east of New Zealand. Then it will move westward and hit the different time zones at 18.00 local time.
U.S. media have been denied, to be with the group members when doomsday comes. They must have time to pray and there is also no point in reporting on doomsday, when it actually happens, is the message from Family Radio's headquarters in California.

The last idiot is not born yet!

PS: I'd planned big wash on Monday. Now I am free because of this.

Dental Visit for next week is canceled - Well, that's OK

The worst thing is that I won the Lotto - Should get the money on Monday!

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