When friends went to a seminary in Florida last March, they saw an artist paint huge works (the size of a door) in 30-45 minutes. The artist prefers anonymity and says he wants the works to speak for themselves.  Look carefully and see the drawings were signed, "Jesus Painter."


Drawings by Jean Keaton

Jean has given permission for Bent Bay to use the webpage as it is set up If you chose to purchase her drawings, please go to her website for information and prices.
Sincerely, RoLayne Staffanson, (Jean's Mother)



This is beautiful !!!

First click on the site watch and listen . Down further.

I know others would love to hear and see this so send it out .

Amazing!!!!!! A Real Blessing!

May have to play twice.

Once to listen and once to read.

Goose Bump time.

Even if you aren't a country music fan I think you'll agree that

Alan Jackson 's rendition of this hymn is beautiful as is the slide show

reminding us of the reason this country became great

It also reminds us that if we don't return to God we will lose it all.

Clik link below and enjoy.



I told GOD: Let all my friends be healthy and happy forever…!

GOD said: But for 4 days only….!

I said: Yes, let them be

a Spring Day, Summer Day,

Autumn Day, and Winter Day.

GOD said: 3 days.

I said: Yes,


Today and Tomorrow.

GOD said: No, 2 days!

I said: Yes,

a Bright Day (Daytime)

and Dark Day (Night-time).

GOD said: No, just 1 day!

I said: Yes!

GOD asked: Which day?

I said: Every Day in the living

years of all my friends!

GOD laughed, and said: All your friends

will be healthy and happy Every Day!

We wish all our friends

good health and happiness…

in the ever-changing weather… !

My prayer for you today and always…may He bless your days, filled with love, joy and health…always!


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