Independents' Day 2008

Lately, not much to be proud of
And it gets worse every year
And if changes aren't made soon
It just might be too late, I fear.

We have those who lied to us
To take us to war and worse
To leave an American legacy
Of an everlasting curse.

We have those who don't mind
Sending our Troops off to fight
And then when those Vets come home
They don't want to do them right.

We lost more Heroes this past year
More than in any year gone past
And as each one passes and more die
We keep hoping, they will be the last.

We are spending, our Freedoms
In those foreign places like Iraq
And once we have let them go
It is so hard to get them back.

We have people in our government
Who don't seem to really care
What happens to us here at home
As much, as all those. over there.

We've left our borders open
To let illegals flood our land
As our kids pay for the others
Who ruin their education's plan.

We let our systems be abused
By all those who don't belong
As they take unfair advantage
Of what made our Country strong.

We have “all-American” companies
Committing treason to the "force"
Who made, and built them up
Just for, the bottom line, of course.

We have many other businesses
Who buy goods from overseas
Which are unsafe, or can poison us
Or give us, some deadly disease.

We have the so-called “news” we get
Controlled by a few select stations
Who tell us only what they want
To control our, “public relations”.

We have the insurance companies
Who don't want to pay the claims
They would rather let a person die
So their high, bottom line remains.

We have the big oil producers
And the huge auto industry
Who don't want alternate fuels
Or to raise the minimum mpg.

We used to have the “middle class”
And most of us lived fairly well
Most the World looked up to us
Before we broke down and fell.

We have the rich getting richer
As the “middle class” will get poor
It seems no matter what they have
All they want is more and more.

We have, “The New World Order”
And we should all be terrified
That the elite want to rule us all
Once, all our freedoms are denied.

We have so many, “true” believers
Who will blindly, follow behind
All, afraid to think for themselves
Just like the blind, leading the blind.

We have Democrats and Republicans
But, they all seem, just the same
All of  the bs, lies, and politics
Of, the same ol', same ol', game.

It's time we take our Country back
And make it what it used to be
A place, where our Constitution
Still rules, the Land of the Free.

We have our old two party system
Who think they have all the power
It's about time we prove them wrong
With the Independents' finest hour.

Del "Abe" Jones

 Super Duper Tuesday
(or maybe, "Next to the Last Chance!")

We get our chance at the polls
If you don't vote, don't complain
This time, to choose who we'll pick
When November comes again.

Some say, “It's the status quo!”
It's just the same old voices
But, if you really think about it
We might clearly have, new choices.

They say, they will change things
They will try to end the War
Or there will be other new fights
Or last, one hundred years or more.

The war on terror might be fought
Against the real terrorists
Instead of going to war someplace
Because it's on, somebody's list.

Our Heroes might be treated right
When they come home, from over there
Promises made, promises kept
And all will get, the best of care.

Torture's not been addressed too much
Waterboarding's a catch word
An Attorney General won't discuss
And that's pretty damned absurd.

Maybe, they'll secure our borders
With some amnesty, or paying fines
Prosecute those who hire them
From all those, day labor, lines.

Children who are left behind
Can all live, with good health
Or everyone could be insured
With the costs, born by our wealth.

The people could be protected
From HMOs, drug companies
Who pick and choose who to treat
And charge as much as they please.

Retirement funds could be safe
SSI might just last awhile
Not put in some private fund
That makes stockbrokers smile.

The Fed and the IRS
Would be a part of our past
End the raping of our Nation
By the corporate/banker caste.

Laws could be made to punish
Those who do white collar crimes
Who lose, waste or spend our money
And make us all fall on hard times.

Lobbyists might be reined in
The People, once more, will rule.
Unless we vote the wrong way
And we elect another fool.

We could quit borrowing money
Just to spend it all overseas
On products that make us sick
From the Communist Chinese.

Our broken FEMA could be fixed
To end our Country's disgrace
That leaves people unprotected
Like those left in Katrina's place.

The FDA might do its job
Or at least give it a try
To make our foods and medicines
Something, that won't make us die.

Maybe the homeless could be housed
Where they could have a bed
And first, we'd take care of our own
So, our hungry might be fed.

They might fight the corporations
(Those few that don't belong)
And the Military complex
Will make us think we're strong.

Alternative fuels for power
Would be good, to get away
From our fix of fossil fuels
But what to do, while Arabs pay.

Global warming taken seriously
Some say, it's no great concern
As the ice melts and temps rise
Might be too late when we burn.

Our Rights might be given back
Our Constitution, once more strong
Those great words not twisted 'round
Until what they mean, are wrong!

Will we realize all these promises
Will any of them come true
We'll never know, unless we vote
For, it's all up to me and you!

Del "Abe" Jones
While We Fan The Flame
Some people think new drilling
Up In ANWR and offshore
Is the only, best, solution
So, we can produce some more.

Doesn't anyone have suspicions
About those White House oilmen
Who let the price run rampant
Doesn't anyone blame them?

You can bet they will happy
Laughing their way to the bank
I wonder, after they leave office
Just where, their wealth, will rank?

Oh sure, it's not all their fault
For, we've all been to blame
For too long, we've been content
To burn and fan the oil flame.

We need to use the alternatives
Which, we already know about
Then there would be a bunch of oil
That we could do without!

When I was just a young man
In the fields, of New Mexico
We would drill a good oil well
Then, we would cap it and go.

Those are wells drilled in the Fifties
That have not produced one drop
And senseless hoarding of our oil
Most certainly, has to stop.

Oil worth less than five bucks a barrel
At the time when it was found
And it's the height of stupidity
To just leave it there, underground.

But, as oilman T Boone Pickens says
"We can't drill our way out!" anyway
And the longer we wait to change
The more, we will have to pay.

He's trying to build an army
Of folks, who really want a change
To energy from Sun and wind
And that's not so hard to arrange.

There's coal and natural gas for cars
And nuclear, but that takes time
But, we could leave a better world
For those kids of yours and mine.

All it takes is some initiative
And saying no, to more pollution
It's time all of us all joined in
To this American Revolution.

If not, over the next ten years
We'll spend ten trillion over there
And foreigners love our money
But, besides that, they don't care.

So lets all make the commitment
And tell our leaders what we think
For if we don't, and stand idly by
We just might fall, o'er the brink.

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Del "Abe" Jones

This page is made with permission from Del "Abe" Jones.


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