This page is a cry of distress from animals all over the world!!

Please, don't let your kids see this


A dog is the only
thing on earth that
loves you more
than he loves himself

Don't let them down!!


They are killing dogs and cats in China on a way that's to terrible to discribe
I think it's best if you watch
this video
Just read everything on the website to see what YOU can do about it!

The website is called Please make sure there are no kids watching with you!!
Peta means: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
There's a link to the Dutch version, but also to France, Spanish, German, India.

If you got really, really sick of this images don't pretend to be a ostrich.
Just turning your head of is not enough!
Help to get this cruelty out of the world.....

Why am I showing this horrible things on my website?
Just to make people aware of what is happening in the world.
Showing a doggie or cat in a cage isn't enough.
It's my intention to get you sick that you will try to do something
about it.

Support them by signing the petitions or give a donation.
There is a website where you can play a game and support the faundation.
It's in Dutch, but maybe the owner can translate it?
It's called

Do you love China? Click this URL:


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