My Greetings from Friends - Thanks to all!

Thanks for your "scary" greetings.


More than two thousand years ago
A Celebration for the Dead, Returning
The Night before the Celtic New Year
With Costumes and Sacrificial Burning.

With a Celebration of the Harvest
And to Honor one’s Dead Ancestry
It spread across all of Europe
In the Seventh Century.

“All Hallows Eve”, “Night Of The Dead”
“All Souls Day”, for the Christians
Nobody really knows for sure
Where each of those Beliefs begins.

The first lighted fruit was gourds and turnips
With Scary Faces carved, embers inside
To ward off all of the Evil Spirits
Who roamed the streets and countryside.

The Irish brought America this Tradition
Of carving turnips and even potatoes
But quickly learned Pumpkins were better
Being bigger, wherein the garden it grows.

Bobbing for apples once was popular
Dating back to ancient Roman days
To honor Pomona, Goddess of fruits
As just one of their many Holidays.

“Trick Or Treat” was for the Spirits
To leave them a “Treat” outside your door
If not they would play “Tricks” on you
With all kinds of Evil held in store.

All Cats were thought of as Spiritual
But the Black Cat was the very worst
Some thought them Incarnated Humans
And many felt that they were Cursed.

Beeswax candles were colored “Orange”
And “Black” draped Caskets were the way
Colors for those Masses for the Dead
Back there in that Ancient day.

“Fires” where Druids Sacrificed life
Burned to the skeletal “bone”
Formed what we now call “bonfires”
A “new” word we thought we’ve always known.

Worshipers danced ‘round those fires
Wearing disguises on head and skin
And throughout the years Halloween
Has become steeped in Paganism.

And today we spend fourteen billion
And most people don’t even know, “Why?”
Except for all those Ghosts and Goblins
And fake Witches flying ‘cross the Sky

Del “Abe” Jones

Dette er min Halloweengave til dig.  This is my Halloweengreetings to you.



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