To all of you who knows me and know that I have always done my work well
I think I owe you an explanation
The best way to tell it: look at the photos!


Here I had my good work for 31 years
I worked as a section supervisor at Viborg Mørtel & Betonværk
and later on at DJK - Dan Mørtel - Dansk System Mørtel and Optiroc.
The fabrics produced mortel and concrete


You won't believe it but push the link below and have a look.
This is one more way to use a gravel extraction.




But then... here is the
Danish System Mørtel and Optiroc
To try to make a 16 years old worn out mortel factory to become profitable was just too much.
I was a civil servant with monthly salary and almost 100 hours work/week.
I do not feel any bitterness - the company management did not know better

We are all slaves in the system!

Bent Bay

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