When you get this "popup" on your screen - Do not say "Yes"! You will spend lot of time to run that program, and when it´s done, you can´t do anything. But if you buy the program, you can use it. It is only wasting time to try it. It realy don´t work.
Når du får den slags popups, skal du ikke trykke på "Yes"! Du vil bruge en masse tid på at køre programmet, for derefter at blive helt til grin. Programmet fjerner ingen ting, fortæller dig bare hvor meget "shit" du har i din Computer.

Some Company´s has paid to have their shit blowing up on our desktop. It is very irritating, and only shit PR!

 When you get offers / Når du får tilbud


Never press the "click here"
When you do that, the sender will know that your e-mail address is usefull, and sell your address to others, and yout get more shit.
Klik aldrig på "clik here"
Hvis du gør det, vil senderen vide at din adresse er Ok, og sælge den til andre, og du får endnu mere skidt tilsendt.

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This shit works better than all other jokes! Just click on it!

You may have seen this pop-up 10,000 times before.

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