Wild animals belong in their homelands, not under the

bright lights of a circus ring.

Elephants, tigers and other animals in circuses never have a day off. Their spirits are broken; their lives are spent in demeaning performances – robbing them of their freedom and dignity.

Animals don’t do headstands or jump through fire because they enjoy it; they do it because they fear punishment. Circuses with animal acts are not decent family entertainment.

Baby elephants are removed from their mothers and forced into a lifetime of performing. As the families of these animals are broken, so are their spirits. Elephants have their legs chained and live in cramped quarters 12 months a year.
Let’s stop teaching children that they should applaud animal slavery, abusive confinement, training, and commercial exploitation.

Wild animals belong in their homelands, not under the
bright lights of a circus ring.

Please, have a look:

Please show that you respect animals –

Boycott Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus!

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Bent Bay.

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Animal Rescue Site

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It appears that this was one of the first times the baby elephant was allowed out into the “play” area.  In any event it is clear that the baby elephant is having a ton of fun: http://www.youtube.com/embed/bu_E2f0mQmI?rel=0

Watch this one to the end ...


these Dutch tourists certainly lucked out when they came upon this!





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