We have “An Inconvenient Truth”
And Cheryl Crow traveling the land
With so many more celebrities
Who are choosing to make a stand.

There are scientists and politicians
And governments and some countries
But far too many of Earth's people
Who still do just as they please.

It seems all the worst offenders
Are those who have the most to lose
And all those poorest of this World
Do not have the choice to choose.

Our Nation's people and leaders
Those, who seem to talk the talk
For one lame excuse or another
Are those who won't walk the walk.

We can't count on our Government
It will take the individual one
To just do our own little part
If we hope for anything to get done.

Most believe in global warming
Some think it some conspiracy
But to continue the way we are
Is dumb and complete lunacy.

Americans are so wasteful
And we should all be ashamed
Of how we've treated Mother Earth
Since our wilderness was tamed.

With just some very simple things
And small changes in our life
We could make a huge difference
And help to ease the eco strife.

So this Earth Day make an effort
To make this World a better place
For our children and their children
Lest we destroy Mankind's birthplace.

Del “Abe” Jones


Once there was a paradise
Both wild and so pristine
Apart from the rest the World
With Oceans in between.

There were People, one with Life
Who were Keepers of the Land
Revering all around them
Just as the Great Spirit planned.

Their lives were good and simple
And those Native Nations knew
If they took care of Mother Earth
That, She’d take care of them, too.

Only taking what they needed
And using everything they took
Although they’d never read it
Seemed to live by some, "Good Book".

But, then the Europeans
Learned the World wasn’t flat
Set sail, landed on these shores
That, brings us to where we’re at.

They brought the white man’s greed
And began a sad Time in Space
That just may be the downfall
Of all of our Human Race.

We, of these new United States
With all our technology
And our quest of the "Good Life"
Will leave a horrible legacy.

The ice of the World is melting
As all the Seas begin to rise
Warm Weather wreaking havoc
With destruction from the Skies.

We pollute our Air and Water
Cut/burn Forests to the ground
Bury ourselves in our Garbage
And drill where any oil might be found.

Species are becoming extinct
And not by any Natural ways
We’re killing our Environment
As we all number our days.

Not to mention Nukes and War
And the lies and corruption
Health care, poverty and homeless
And all the moral destruction.

Hungry People in our Nation
The richest place on Earth
Kids education and safekeeping
Not what they once were worth.

We’re five percent of the People
A Land of haste and waste
Who lost the vision of a leader
With a pride which is misplaced.

We want the cheap and easy way
Don’t care about the consequence
As long as we get what we want
We ignore what was our Conscience.

Our Government doesn’t care
And it seems, neither do we
About our Earth in its Death throes
And our fossil fuel dependency.

Oh, we all say, "It’s a shame!"
"We’ve got to change our way!"
But, when it comes down to it
We all want someone else to Pay.

We use a quarter of the energy
Cause most of the Earth’s pollution
And as long as Corporations rule
There will be no resolution.

There’s no doubt we could change it
If we would be so inclined
But, we’ll leave it for our Children
And "pass the buck" down the line.

If we don’t begin to care about
This Planet all of us live on
The Human being and most life
Will most all be Dead and gone.

Americans must take the lead
Since we are the worst offenders
Try to turn these things around
Before Old Mother Earth surrenders.

Del "Abe" Jones
Earth Day, 2006


A Senator thought, "Earth Day"
That a President empowered
It was the germ of the idea
That ultimately flowered.

An idea by Gaylord Nelson
Back in Nineteen sixty-two
Who asked the Kennedy’s about it
And the Brothers liked it too.

The President began a tour
In Nineteen sixty-three
To put it on the agenda
But, it wasn’t meant to be.

Nelson didn’t let it die
With the assassination
He knew that people cared
All across this Great Nation.

There were demonstrations
Against the War and other things
So at a conference in Seattle
Nelson said, he’d pull some strings.

Springing up from the Grassroots
In the Spring of Seventy
A demonstration for Nature
And Nationwide Conservancy.

Our Earth’s Environment
Was finally placed on the table
And People everywhere
Began to do what they were able.

Now celebrated round the World
As more People learn and see
If we don’t take care of it
Our World will someday cease to be.

Del "Abe" Jones

4-17-2005 by Del "Abe" Jones
"The National Alliance of Families"

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