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Dear Bent,

I need your help with two critical animal welfare issues now under consideration by the US federal government.

Your First Amendment rights to speak out to protect animals are under attack. When the House of Representatives returns to Washington in two weeks they will be debating an extremely dangerous bill that will give jail time and fines for any action that can be linked to a loss of profit to any company classified as an "animal enterprise". This includes anyone who produces or distributes animals or products from animals, animal entertainment (including rodeos, circuses, zoos or aquariums), research facilities, pet stores and even animal fighting.

Under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), legal activities such as peaceful protests, consumer boycotts, media campaigns, legislative proposals, or even telling the public what happens in puppy mills, factory farms, or canned hunting facilities, could be classified as acts of terrorism.

The AETA is in all likelihood not constitutional and needs to be stopped now before it becomes law. The AETA could severely intimidate animal activists like yourself who wish to legally protest cruelty to animals. Sufficient laws are already on the books to accommodate any and all illegal activist activities.

Please urge your representative to oppose AETA.

Imagine if you were too afraid to speak out on behalf of animals like elephants, which desperately need improved standards when they are held in captivity. There are over 600 captive elephants in the U.S., most of which are suffering due to inadequate space, unnatural conditions, lack of exercise and social deprivation.

Such conditions lead to a range of preventable health issues, including painful arthritis, foot disease, reproductive and digestive disorders and neurotic behaviors like swaying and head bobbing. Many elephants on display are often controlled by force, domination and aggressive use of a bull hook and prolonged chaining.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking public comments on space and living conditions for captive elephants in the U.S. Please help us improve the plight of these magnificent animals by submitting your comments on behalf of their welfare today. Your comments will be used by The Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), a division of the (USDA), to consider whether or not to issue a policy that clarifies the space and living conditions required for captive elephants.

All comments must be received by December 11, so please fill out our petition today and we’ll pass along your signatures to the USDA.

Thanks for all you do for animals,

Fred O’Regan
President and CEO

P.S. Visit IFAW’s Action Center to protect the rights of animal activists and push for better care for captive elephants.












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