The true story of one Anonymous Animal born into the Meat industry

The truck carrying this cow was unloaded at Walton Stockyards in Kentucky one september morning. After the other animals were removed from the truck, she was left behind, unable to move. The stockyard workers used their customary electric prods in her ear to try to get her out of the truck, then beat ans kicked her in the face, ribs, and back, but still she didn´t move. They tied a rope around her neck, tiede the other end to a post in the ground, and drowe the truck away. The cow was dragged along the floor of the truck and fell to the ground, landing with both hind legs and her pelvis broken. She remained like that until 7:30 that evening.
For the first three hours, she lay in the hot sun crying out. Periodically. when she urinatedor defecated, she used her front legs to drag herself along the gravel roadway to a clean spot. She also tried to crawl to a shaded area but couldn´t move far enough. Altogether, she managed to crawl a painful 13 to 14 yards. The stockyards employees wouldn´t allow her any drinking water, the only water she received was given to her by JessiePierce, a local animal rights activist, who had been contacted by a woman who witnessed the incident. Jessie arrived at noon. After receiving no cooperation from stockyard workers, she called the Kenton County Police.
A police officer arrived but was instructed by his superiors to do nothing; he left at 1p.m. The stockyard operator informed Jessie that he had permission from the insurance company to kill the cow but wouldn´t do it until Jessie left. Although doubtful the he would keep hes word, Jessie left at 3 p.m. She returned at 4:30 p.m. and found the stockyard deserted. Three dogs were attacking the cow, who was still alive. She had suffered a number of bite wounds, and her drinking water had been removed. Jessie contacted the state police. Four officers arrived at 5:30 p.m. State trooper Jan Wuchner wanted to shoot the cow but was told that a veterinarian should kill her. The two veterinarians at the facility would not euthanize her. Claiming that in order to preserve the value of the meat, she could not be destroyed.
The butcher eventually arrived at 7:30 p.m, and shot the cow. Her body was purchased for $307.50.
When the stockyard operator was questioned by a reporter from The Kentucky Post, he stated: "We didn´t do a damned thing to it," and referred to the attention given to the cow by humane workers and police as "bullcrap." He laughed throughout the interviews, saying the he found nothing wrong with the way that the cow was treated.
This is not an isolated case. It is so common that animals in this cindition are known in the meat industry as "downers." After PETA brought much-needed attention to this issue, the Kenton County Police Department adopted a policy requiring that all downed animals be immediately euthanized, whether they are on the farm, in transit, or at the slaughterhouse. Sadly, other law enforcement agencies don´t have such policies, and downed animals continue to suffer ewerywhere. It is up to the public to demand change, and it is up to consumers to refuse to purchase the products of this miserable industry.
Above sad story is from PETA.  Fall 2007.

 Dear Bent Bay, Februar 2008

Last week, our undercover investigation revealed shocking abuses of "downed" dairy cows -- those who are too sick or injured to walk -- at a Southern California slaughter plant. The cows were subjected to terrible pain and fright in attempts to get them to stand up and walk to their deaths.
We also discovered that the meat from these tortured animals gets fed to children through the National School Lunch Program!
Thank you for all you do for animals. Sincerely,
Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

An investigation by The Humane Society of the United States at a cattle slaughterhouse has documented that animals too sick or injured to stand or walk—called "downers" by industry—have been kicked, beaten, dragged with chains, shocked with electric prods, sprayed in the face with hoses and pushed by forklifts in efforts to get them to their feet to pass USDA inspection. This unacceptable cruelty potentially puts the food supply at risk—at least 12 of the 15 identified cases of mad cow disease in North America to date have reportedly been downers.

In spite of claims that downers were being eliminated from the food supply, downed animals may be falling through the cracks as a result of poor oversight, anemic enforcement, and a loophole created by inconsistent agency regulations. The result is a losing proposition for animals who are beaten, kicked and dragged to their death and consumers who unknowingly consume the meat from sick and injured animals.

Demand that the USDA eliminate this dangerous loophole and immediately put in place a "bright line" ban on all downers.

Public officials receive a lot of email, so it's important to personalize the subject line and message below so that your message will stand out and have a greater impact.

Are you sick and tired of animals suffering?

Some of the problems documented:
X Untreated sores and open wounds.
X Stalls too narrow/short for cows.
X Cows’ tails docked – no protection from flies.
X Long-term tethering by neck
X Overgrown hooves and lameness
X Emaciated cows looking like walking skeletons.

No doubt you were as shocked as I was to see that, in this day and age, farm animals are still living in such miserable conditions and enduring archaic practices like permanent indoor tethering.

Comments to the awful story.

How could that happen? If I have been there with a gun, I have done it easy for that poor cow.
It is a shame! (Bent Bay)

If I had been there I woudl have done to the stock owner what he did to the cow... and then urinated all over him. (Allan)

Never abuse an animal for fun, because it feels the pain like you.

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