To all my former  International Agents !
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"DER ER ET YNDIGT LAND "  The Danish National Hymn


Queen Margrethe II & Prince Henrik

Det Danske Kongehus

The Danish Flag  "Dannebrog"


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I am very happy, because you found my "site". Since 1963 I have been in international mail-order, and  MLM. Have been publishing several magazines, and for sure, you will recognice some of them!


+ Secretary for EMPORIUM TEAM - Multi Level International

I want to inform all my friends and Mail Order Dealers, that I was 75 year old, on 3. June, 2014. When I think back - more than the half of my lifetime - I have been involved in Mail Order. A specal thanks to all my foreign Agents , which has been a great help for me, running THE BEAT POST INTERNATIONAL.

A speciel thanks to:

Mrs.Colleen H. Acosta, Medford, Oregon, USA.
Mrs. Maria Tremere, Ormiston, CANADA.
Mr. Herbert Volkenburg, Worms, GERMANY.
Miss. Ann Mary Nithalian, Melbourne, AUATRALIA.
Mr. Henk Verhoeven, Veendam, HOLLAND.
Mr. Arthur F. Large, London, ENGLAND.
Miss. Rinkoo Gophal Rathi, Purulia, INDIA.
Mr. Gail O`Harra, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Mrs. Shin Mi-Jin, Chonnam, SOUTH KOREA.

From 1997 only on  Internet

Nostalgi The "OLD" Beat Post International - From 1963 to 2014

More about Bent Bay, in two languages

This ruler was made ​​of 10,000 pieces, and sent out with the magazine. If you see this, and still have this "gift", please send me an email.  Thank You!

And where is Denmark located?

Scandinavia - North-Europe
In 1968 I was 3 weeks in Pocatello, Idaho USA. There I visited a very good friend who also was an Amateur Radio. I lived at first on a nice little hotel on the outskirts of town, but after a few days, I moved into his house. It was both better and cheaper. For many years I was a pretty good radio amateur and had many good friends all over the world. My call was OZ 1- IVM. It's the best vacation I ever had. We drove thousands of kilometers and visited many nice places. While I was there, it was funny when I told people that I came from Denmark. Only 50% of those I spoke to knew where in the world Denmark was located. Therefore I have made ​​this link, so no one should doubt about where my country of birth is located.

Europe Map With Capitals - Click Here !

Europa Kort Med Hovedsteder - Klik Her !

Pocatello is the county seat and largest city of Bannock County with a small portion on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in neighboring Power County, in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Idaho. It is the principal city of the 'Pocatello, Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area' which encompasses all of Bannock and Power counties of Idaho. As of the 2000 Census the population of Pocatello was 51,466 (2006 estimate: 53,932) with a metro population of 83,303.
Pocatello routinely switches places with Idaho Falls as the fourth/fifth largest city in the state and the largest city in the Eastern Idaho region.
Pocatello is home of Idaho State University and AMI Semiconductor. Founded as an important stop on the first railroad in Idaho during the gold rush, the city later became an important center for agriculture. It is located along the Portneuf River where it emerges from the mountains onto the Snake River Plain, along the route of the Oregon Trail. The name comes from Chief Pocatello, a chief of the Shoshoni who granted the right-of-way for the railroad across the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. The city is served by the Pocatello Regional Airport.

What well known buildings are worth
Sydney Opera House
This famous performance space sitting on Sydney Harbour is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world. The building was completed in 1973. The final bill was $102 million, almost fifteen times the estimated budget. Thatís the equivalent of almost a billion dollars today. Insurance would need to cover natural disaster as well as manmade ones, meaning that the Sydney Opera Houseís insurance bill likely runs close to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The White House

The home of the US president, this iconic building containing 132 rooms, a swimming pool, bowling alley and movie theatre has been blown up plenty of times on the big screen, but if it were to happen in real life it would cost in the region of $100 million to rebuild (factoring in the secret underground bunkers too). Its value is estimated at $110 million by real estate site, but thatís without factoring in its historical value, which would add another $90 million or so to its value.

Brisbane City Hall

The seat of the City Council of Brisbane was opened in 1930, the same

year as the Empire State Building. Built in the Italian Renaissance style,

the total cost of the build, including the furnishings, was just $1 million

though thatís the equivalent of $50 million in todayís terms. Insurers

would want to factor in the types of risk as well as the cost of replacing

the building altogether.


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace in the UK is the London home of the Queen. CBS News reports that Buckingham Palace is said to have a market worth of more than $1.6 billion, making it a rather expensive home to insure. Luckily for the Queen, public buildings in the UK cannot be insured, so there are no premiums to pay. If it did burn down, however, she has several dozen other homes to move into.

10 Downing Street
The official residence of the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, this noteworthy address in central London was valued by The Guardian in 2010 at $7.3 million. Guarded as it is around the clock by police, and with bulletproof glass in the windows, risks are mitigated for any building damage, which may reduce the premiums somewhat Ė though we imagine theyíd still be in the tens of thousands each year.


Empire State Building
Once the tallest building in the world, this art deco skyscraper was built in 1930 and sold several years ago by Donald Trump for just $57.5 million, even though current estimations value the building at somewhere between $1.5 and $2 billion dollars. Thirty people have jumped from the roof and itís even been hit by a plane, meaning that this is one building that must have enormous premiums attached to it.


Taj Mahal
Factoring in inflation, the Taj Mahal (built in the 1600s) cost the
equivalent of $1 billion dollars today to build. If something catastrophic
were to happen, it would cost in the region of $70 billion today to
rebuild it. However, considered one of the great architectural wonders
of the world (over 1000 elephants were used to transport the building
materials and over 20,000 master craftsmen to build it), it would be
quite impossible to recreate it, which is why it is considered uninsurable.

The Little Mermaid's mother is in Tarm, Jutland. Her daughter can be seen on Langelinje in Copenhagen
In my own car from Denmark to Alanya. Renault Lugano.

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