En kaffetår, den smager godt og stimmulerer tanken,
Men hvis man den for ofte ta´r, så får man hjertebanken.

Tak til mine venner for en dejlig kop kaffe!
Mange  takk  Bjarne Holter











The first cup of Coffee!


Get up in the morning

First thing to do

Get that cup of coffee

Pumping inside of you


It's not the blood inside of me

that keeps me standing upright

It's that whole pot of coffee

That gives me dawn's first sight


Into the car and off to work

sittin' right there close by

That big cup a Java flowin' in my veins

Without it I would die


Nine o'clock....coffee

Ten o'clock....coffee

I drink it all through the day

Keep that stuff inside of me

It makes me feel "OK"


On my way home now

My coffee I must take

What would I do with out it

I need it for survival sake


Ahhhh....home at last

Still chuggin' down this brew

I just love my coffee

Without it....

What would I do


Night is here, moon is high

Half past three

Counting sheep

What a life

Too much coffee inside of me

Her er mine kopper til dig. Here is my cups for you. Please, link  back to:  www.bentbay.dk


Bent Bay

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