Change, Two Thousand Nine

This year is about to end
And a New, about to start
The past, just memories
Some, that hurt the heart.

Our brave Troops are still dying
Far too many Families grieve
And those wounded coming home
Deserve more, than they receive.

Some of them are coming back
With wounds that do not show
Without any help, or support
Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go.

We've two wars we're waging
One, brought about by lies
Told, they want us over there
While the truth shows in their eyes.

Our schools are failing our kids
Our infrastructure is shot
Healthcare costs, outrageous
For those who can pay, most cannot!

Our economy is in shambles
As the poor bail out the rich
Our leaders (?) have all fallen
For the con men and their pitch.

Families put out, on the street
By those orders of evictions
While those who did the crime
Not indicted, no convictions.

Some folks have lost everything
They had saved, for their old age
While we let it, go on and on
Where's our anger, and outrage?

Our middle class may be doomed
To join the classes of the poor
While we buy those foreign goods
And send our good jobs out the door.

We leave our borders wide open
They come and go as they may
They get free healthcare and welfare
While we pay, and pay, and pay!

We still depend on fossil fuels
Shipped here from across the seas
Where we spend our treasure
In some, unfriendly, countries.

Oil companies here at home
Want to "Drill, baby, drill!"
Instead of trying other ways
(It looks like, they never, will!)

Some Rights from our Constitution
Taken away, without a fight
To protect us all, they tell us
That, only they know, what is right!

Torturing is on the table
And, renditions in secrecy
People imprisoned without charges
By, the Land of the Free!

One day, it just may be you
Should you choose, to speak out
Say something, which you believe
They don't want to hear about.

But, we have a New Year coming
A new President, for change
Let's hope, for the good of the People
Are the things, he'll rearrange.

He can't do it all by himself
He needs us, each and every one
If we hope to change our Country
We must all help, to get it, done!

Just maybe, "Auld Lang Syne"
(Translated, "days gone by")
Will just be, a bad memory
As we tell the past, "Goodbye!"

Del "Abe" Jones

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