What makes a Successful Group??  

The Owner
Cause she/he is the one who shows their creativeness and caring through their updates. Takes true dedication to do that everyday, they also are the one that usually holds the list together.

Through sharing shows you care about others happiness and respect the rules of being in that list.

Caring enough to take a few minutes out of your day to ask about someone's family, health or job can make all the difference in the world to a person. Who knows ...You may have been the only person who cared enough to ask.

Through making comments to others and reading their sends you make them feel like their send was worth taking the time to send. In turn, you get to know a little bit about each others hearts.

When you make someone smile, its like giving a gift to their soul and sometimes you might just make their day.

When you surprise someone with something that you know they love to get, you make that person feel so important and happy that someone thought about them.

Teasing others is good if in good taste.
Lets others know you are alive.

Saying Thank You
Means a lot because you know you touched that person somehow and just makes for a good day for them.

Without the Members we wouldn't have the: Sharing, Caring, Friendships, Surprises, Teasing or the Thank You's that makes everyone feel special if only for a minute of their hectic day.

Midi on this page: Dear John

My Midi Group 
Appeal to all with homepages.!!
Insert this - Promotion - banner.
We need more members in our group.

Click here to join BaysMidiExchange
Click to join BaysMidiExchange

Please, do not use the Group for SPAM and ADVERTISING !

I will find all Spamers and bandits: Internet Spy and make contacts to the Police!

I have more than 100.000 Midi´s.(4 CD´s)

Need a speciel song/melody? - Maybe I have it. Nearly 200.000 in stock. MP3/WAV

ask: bentbay@gmail.com

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