We are trying to recognize the very best of the web to give our Pure Gold Award. We take special care in selecting only sites that meet our vigorous standards. If your site wins our award, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you have created something truly special.

Style, elegance, taste  - these are the things that make a site truly good.
These are also the things that we look for when giving out our award.  

Few sites will win our award, so difficult is the judging process. Only sites with superb design, exquisite taste, no broken links and that special un-named quality of beauty that very few sites contain will be considered for our award.

If you don't win the award, please don't submit your site again, as you will be disqualified. You only have one chance to win, so make it count.

We will review your site and tell you if your win the Pure Gold Award. Don't feel too bad if you don't win....many don't win. If your site does not win we will not contact you. We get so many requests that we simply don't have time to notify any but the winners...

Good Luck...

Apply For Pure Gold Award with below informations:

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Your Email Address
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In subject line write: Pure Gold Award


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