The Perfect Presidential Candidate

As president I would:

· Immediately bring all of our troops home from foreign countries.

· Immediately close the border between Mexico and the US using our military-there will be no more VIP treatment for illegals!

· Immediately institute a flat tax of 12% for citizens, abolish taxes on groceries and medical items.

· Immediately do away with the “free trade” agreements and stop special trade relations with China.

· Immediately sign into law regulations requiring all government spending to be for materials and products produced in the US.

· Immediately give a 0% tax break to all corporations starting new businesses in the US, and require all employees to be US citizens.

· Immediately open all areas of the US and coastal regions to drilling for natural gas, liquid petroleum and coal production.

· Immediately abolish all monetary gifts to the gas giants and require them to build refineries to process domestic petroleum.

· Immediately abolish the “electoral college” method of electing US presidents-one person, one vote would be the “law of the land”.

· Immediately stop the protests of all illegals and deport them, no more “free medical, food, education etc”.

· Immediately sign into law regulations prohibiting any change in the retirement age and social security benefits for seniors. They have earned the right to retire while they still have a future ahead of them.

· Immediately create a government gas production facility program, then require all major oil companies to match or undercut government prices.

· Immediately sign into law a requirement to try by military court and execute those found guilty of terrorism within six months of their capture.

· Immediately reform the US prison system to no longer tolerate “gangs” in the prison system. Do away with TVs, weight rooms, all non-essential items and institute a true work program similar to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.

· Immediately institute a reform plan to eliminate lifetime retirement and special treatment for elected officials, congress and all bureaucrats.

· Immediately stop all monies sent to foreign countries and use it in the US for improvement of American lives, it is the citizens money!

· To further listen to the legal citizens of the US and institute fewer and better laws for the good of our country.

A vote for this candidate is a vote for a better America!

Simply reply with a “Y” or a “N”.

Part of an American Problem

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