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  Alanya Turkey 14 days, June 2015  
1908 Ford Model  "R" 10 year Jubilee 5th July 07 40 Things You May Not Know !
60.000 years in Jail 9/11 - The Secret #11  * * * 20.000 Jokes in 5 languages
America 1862 - 1924 (100 Photo´s) America´s Food and Tax of everything America today - From the wrong site
America - Photo´s & Music Alanya Tyrkey 2011 Joan & Bent Alanya by car (Renault Laguna) 2012
America Today - True Stories - Nice Music Awake For An Indian Warrior Amazing Grace - New Version - sound on.
Alanya - Turkey - Summer 2015   AOL As president I would   
Are we fighting a war  ? A Real Friend Test Aflac Fraud
Are You Drinking Tonight? Animal welfare during transport Are we proud of Ourselves?
Amazing -  Pacific Ocean Ants  and  Grasshoppers Arlington National Cemetery
A sad anniversary A Place for Everyone  
Bent Bay - Webmaster - in Person Bullfight in Spain - Video Boycott   The New Dollar!
Blue Angels - Chief Flora  * * * Basic rules for driving  
Cappadocia, Turkey Costa Allegra Carnival Splendor
China - Wal Mart Supercenter Camp Pendleton  (2006) Cpl. Brett Lundstrom
Crabby Old Man Crash on the Hudson River Car Companies Are Losing Money 2009
Celebs as kids Common terms Costa Concordia
Country Hills Vol.4  Co  USA Crayola Crayons Artist Current Administration in USA
Do You like  The Beat Post? Downed Cow Drinking and Driving - Awfull Photo´s
Do you have a Poem? Detroit 2009 - Hirosima 1945 Do you remember the good old Days?
Don´t wear Fur coat -  See this movie Discovery  OV 103 Dating in different cultures
Do you need a Truck?? Do we get these people ? Do you love Greece ?
Dust Off Dog eaten by other dogs in Spain  
End of the stupid EURO - € - Everything is "MADE IN" Europe Map With Capitols
Firearms Refresher Course Firemen never forget 9/11 Food & Gas Cost in the World
Free International Passports For all us who survived Flag Draped Coffin Means
Good Old Day´s * * * Good Old Day´s in America - Part #3 Goodbye my dear Ditte.  Video
Gen. Eisenhower Warned Us Good Muslims ? Global Warming IS real!!
Goverment´s  Office Go USA  -  Go USA  
How to Get to Mars Here is Europe's smartest woman Here´s a speciel Greetings to You!
Hello  Mister  President ! Height fright? Do not click here! Here is the smile of Today
Hell on wheels in America Help  Trembley is missing! Hoax  Chainletters
Happy New Year 2006  2007 H C Andersen - 200 year Birthday  
In Ukraine they poisen dogs before EM 2012 Is This TAI CHI or YOGA? International Space Station
I won Danish Kroner Instructions USA Internet   child   abuse Help!
Israel + Jerusalem post online l    I love F B I Independents' Day 2008
In Texas We Really Do! If USA loose the War in Iraq In Old Days - A very speciel page!
JOE LEGAL vs. JOSE ILLEGAL Just ask Michael Moore  !  
Largest helicopter in the world Letters to Webmaster     Letter  from  Arabia
Large Music Collection Love!  - Bird Story - Very Nice Learn Dutch + Radiostations
My Homepage Mexican immigrant-dude Moby-Air on tour
Meet  Webmaster Bent Bay More Than 250 worldwide  Radiostations  
New Pledge of Allegiance Never Forget - Is It Too Much? Now  you never hear this!
Never  seen  in  America ! New non-exsist words USA Non Sequitur  (world war2)
New Pasport?  Go for it! * *    
Oil Rig Fire - Mexican Gulf  April 2010 Ooops - Aging Process Olympic Games - China 2008 
One Lost, Is Too Many On the Road again On the sky with NASA
Our young military personel    
President Obama. Please Go! Pretty Cool & Funny! President Obama  on Stamp !
Proud to be a US soldier? Proud To Be White  -  NEW Peaceful Moslims !!  ??
Proud To Be White Part of  American problem? Paul Harvey
Poems in English language Pics Taken 68 Years Ago Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Tyrkiet , 2013
Read it  - and weep Red  (White)  And Blue Russian Snow Sculptures
Replica of Noah's Ark Registry Cleaner Ray Stevens - Super Glue  - Stuck on You
Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe * Rules for the phone  (USA) Remember PC ?
Red Fridays          New Russian Tank found after 62 years  
Salsa - - - - Ring of fire ! Saint Valentine´s Day Shocking Food Costs Facts

Sheriff Joe  is at it Again

Sweet - but Poison Struck down by cancer
Sentence of Reid Summer holiday Turkey 2013  
The Great Depression  1934 The History of 'APRONS' ! To Kill an American
The Gift of Life The  Depression The year is 1907
The Old Phone  & Samuel Morse Two Wolves  * * * The Canadian People is very Proud !
THE WW II MOVIE STARS? Think About This One  ! ! ! The American way ? ?
The Red Planet - MARS The Rose of Jeriko - Nice Trees TOP 10 reasons Not To Eat Pigs
Terror done on Innocent animals Tallest Snowwoman The Arrogance of Ignorance
Two Legged Dog - Very nice Movie The Worlds Largest Newspapers The Die Is Cast
This is very Inspirational    
USA in Old Days #1 USA in Old Days #2 USA in Old Days #3
You think fat is ugly ? USS New York   (scrap steel)  
Very Big Dog for Sale  Valentine 2008 Veteran´s  Day  2007  
Why I quit my job before retirement World War I ends -  November 11, 1918 World Internet Spy
Winter in Toronto 1904 - 1912 Where are you? What is Hoax?
What a Shame for Denmark / Faroe Who looks like ? Why be so stupid ?
What, me worry?   -   Bush What about Sunglases Where are the heroes of today?
Worldwide Awards Where is Denmark Located ? Where do old land line phones go?
Walking Woman - Breast Cancer Welcome to Tarm City -  Denmark What known buildings are worth
With paper and scissors Why did my son have to die Welcome to Parc Garden in Korea
Worldwide blackmail USA  goes the wrong way! What the 12 months means to you.
Worlds Biggest Holes! What's Congress good for?  
Yellow Knife - Canada Your comments Ægæerhavet / Izmir / Tyrkiet - 2014



9/11 - The Secret #11 9/11 - This Is "The Tear Drop" 10 words that doné exist - But Should
All Worldwide Newspapers Online Achmed - The Dead Terrorist Awake For An Indian Warrior
Animal Abuse in Spain Animals on fur farms American citizens read this
A trillion $ for one Picture !    
Brown Recluse Bent Bay or Renoir ?  
Chinese dont´t read this. Y´ a  shame Chinese Spark Plugs Condoms Has Sponsors   Look Here
Canadian needs a leader Car Sex Canada by an American
Dog Murders in Canada ! Dear Friend  & partner of Insanity  
Enjoy your FOOD, even on the WC EU  Participates in intl. Surfing  
Farts - Farts - and more - Farts    
Help with summer vacation? Here is our friends - Dust Mites Holidays in Greece / Hellas ?
Italian Police Car I got my Bank acount filled up!  In Memory - Cancer - Knock Knock
International Bank Notes for Sale Ice Winter in Denmark 1923-1955 I Won 350,000.00 GBP on Facebook
It´s Good To Grow Old - Or Maybe Not ?    
Just for Fun - And I mean it ! * * * Justice for Ice !  
Kennedy Space Eagles * * *    
"Morality Standards"    
News about Sarah Palin New Webset for your Homepage?  
Proud to be Ourselves? Proud to be US Soldiers? Proud of Barack Hussein Obama?
Proofreading  is  a  Dying  Art Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim  
Read This, You'll Get Mad Road signs in Denmark  
Support soldiers in Iraq Shame on Costa Rica      Share Your Love, Wealth and?
Synagogue of Satan    
 The Simple Truth The Clock is Ticking The New York Times  -  May 10, 1943
World´s Best Homepages WC poems from all over What is a real Internet Friend?
Where Old Tires Go Worlds Largest Collection - JOKES Where is that missing Card
Where is "my" Dildo? Help me!    



Christ laughing! Center of the Bible  
Dear  God    
Five Finger Prayer    
If you love Jesus    
Outstanding Panorama - The Secret    
Sent up to GOD.com    
This is Not a Holiday Tree The  U  in  Jesus The  Meaning   Of  Peace
Whatever your heavy cross Where God Wants Me  



Body Piercing    
Cherokee Legend    
Do you believe everything you see? Don´t Take Your Children to the ZOO  
Hugo Chavez How Babies are made in Canada  
Just A Dog    
Kleenex Warning    
Python Reticulatus    
The rainy Road This must be real Love * * * The Rain-Thomas Kinkade
This Explain Why I forward Jokes Teacher - Explain This - If You can ! The American Bird Feeder
The Old Man and the Dog    
What your Birth month means about You    


Army Ranger Bros    
Boots on the groud? Build US Peace Memorial  
Constitution's Birthday - Sept.  Crandall Canyon Cave-In Change, Two Thousand Nine
Drill Baby Drill - 05.26.2010    
Earth day 2007 Exxon / Mobil Profits  
Franciscus Thorpe   For One Reason, Or The Other From There, To Here?
General  Kathryn G. Frost    
Have all the leaders gone?    
I'm on my way to dying    
Lincoln - The True American Way !    
March is National Women's  Month Maybe we should..... Memorial in Waxahachie
More is not better!     
 Nine Eleven, Six and counting Navajo Code Talkers  
One in Four Veterans Of Native Americans  
POW/MIA Remembrance Day   Pow Mia  
Rep. Dem. Independent    
Some Battles, Never Won!  
The History Of Veterans Day


The Wall
They Won´t Be Home for Christmas

The American way?

The Snowball Express
Without  Ceremony Where Allegiance Lies  +  Bailing Railing Who'daThought It?



10 Words That Don't Exist , But Should 24 of the most Peculiar Creatures  
A Dog Knows Achmed - The Dead Terrorist  
Bananas Banner / Link  -  Exchange  
Chippendale Cool personality test  
Deer Visits Cat every morning! * * Do you know where to pee? Do you need a Truck ? ?
Do not forget Next Sunday    
E-mail Petitions    
Free - Online Slotmachine - Earn some Money Funny Slotmachine + Animations Funny Shoes and long Nails
Great Truths for everyone Good Riddle  Guestbook USA
I´m My Own Grandpa.....    
Microsoft Problemes and Failures My Award Collection  1997 - 2012 Moods of a  Man or Woman
New Badgets for You? New Shoes  
Power Point - PPS Perks of being over 50  
Singapore Sky Park "Stella  Awards"  2007  
The Secret The Moses Bridge in Holland This is a big Python  +  Garter  Snakes
The English Fun Language Toothpick City Two fantastic Dog movies
Using much time on PC?    
Very Big & Nice Cars    
Worldwide Banner Exchange Winther 2008 - 2009 Well   Shit   Happens ! !
Yellow Knife & Alberta - Canada    



24  hours of  Dutch Music    
A Request from Australia - Please  A little Valtz  
Bent Nederlands u ? Blue eyes crying in the Rain  
Canadian Veteran Ten Dollar Bill Country Quilts  
Did Philip Fart? Dance with Goffy Der er et yndigt land * * *
Danish food Scandal    
Find Bin Laden in Afghanistan From  Norway 2008 Find the letter "C"
Göteborgs botaniska    
Hailstorm in Valletta - Malta    
International Agents 1963 - 1997 * *    
Letters about the Scandal    
Niagara Falls   in 1911    
On the top of Mount Everest    
Penis´s  of the World - Funny ! Proud to be a Chinese  
Remember The Beat Post as Magazine? Radio Armada - Holland Ray Stevens - Stuck on You
Stop all ivory auctions Stop this bloody massacre in Turkey Snow in Japan
The Young American military personal Trains of the World This is so lovely
Two Lost Souls    
Who Are They? Who Do We Vote For What does Virgin mean?
We are all getting Older WC Poems Want a Free Monthly Newsletter?
What is TU Clothing ?    
10 Year Jubilee  5th July 07    
Autumn Greetings    
Birthday Calender for You    
Christmas 2010    
Gluhwein for Christmas    
Happy Easter and Greetings Halloween Greetings  
My Birthday 3. June 2010    

New Year Greetings 2009

Why exchange Banner with me??? Winter Greetings  

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