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Here's some of the pieces I have written for/about Women.

(Etched on Ellis County Veterans Memorial in Waxahachie, Texas)
Not enough credit given, to mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, Some too, who gave their all, the best years of their lives.
There's some, wore a uniform, of one of the military "branches" And like all of those men, taken some deadly chances.
Some were in the U.S.O., brought a little taste of home,  With small talk, donuts, coffee, where'er the troops would roam.
There was "Rosie the Riveter," who fought her own war here. And the nurses that eased the pain, and tried to ease the fear.
There were women pilots, who put their lives on the line, Said, "Send me where you will. That suits me, just fine!"
Those who stayed at home, to raise their families, Who gave all, went without, realizing harsh realities.
So many of those women, who gave so much more Than they were asked to, during each and every war.
We honor those, upon this stone, and give our humble "Thanks" To those who served with honor, in our country's wartime ranks.
Del "Abe" Jones

Michelle Witmer

Only twenty years ago
She came onto this earth
Joined by Sis, Charity
At the time of Her birth.

Another older Sister
Two Brothers, Mom and Dad
Left behind to mourn the loss
With much Pride, within the sad.

Three women, "in country"
Doing their Duty with the Guard
But Mom and Dad, never guessed
That, it could be so hard.

Trying to help another People
In a foreign, far-off land
Fighting for, and against them
Is not exactly, what they’d planned.

Now, they want their "Babies" Home
Or at least, in some safe place
For fear of another loss
That, can never be replaced.

They have made their sacrifice
In the highest order of the day
Michelle, a Soldier who Gave All
Is the price, they had to pay.

(VA in Nashville)

A Wall Of Honor for the Women
From this part of our Country
Paying Tribute to those Ladies
For Service in our Military.

It’s an overdue Memorial
To Commemorate their giving
For those who gave their all
And too, for all those living.

It’s not meant to be elaborate
Just a small Wall to remind us
Of those who did their Duty
And all their sacrifices .

For those who wore “the Uniform”
And served, so selflessly
We say, “Thank you!” and salute you
For helping to preserve, our Liberty.


She is the real foot-soldier
On rough roads behind at home
She’ll stand up for Her loved one
Who is often on the roam.

She’ll raise the family, pay the bills
And do it all without complaint
Many times She’s not too happy
But holds Her feelings in restraint.

She’s the backbone of the Services
And holds the Line on the Homefront
She’ll put Her own life on hold
With Her Spouses’ on the forefront.

Those Ladies hold the “Fort” down
For their significant others
Who are off preserving Freedom
With their “Sisters” and “Brothers”.

There’s not enough Credit given
To those Spouses left behind
For they truly are a rare breed
Yes! She’s a very special kind.


Started with a group of twenty-five
In the year of twenty-eight
By those whod lost a Son or Daughter
From the wartime's cruel fate.

When the Blue Star on the Service Flag
Was replaced with one of Gold
Everybody knew a Mother grieved
With a loss from that household.

Out of tragedy, we were formed
And, Out of love we continue.
This legacy of Gold Star Mothers
With the heartache, that they knew.

Its so sad, they still exist
And most likely always will
As long as, we go to war
There's a need they must fulfill.

Rosie, The Riveter

During World War Two
All around this Nation
Women took up the Battle
Beyond all imagination.

Over six million of them
Traded aprons for coveralls
And answered like true Patriots
When their Country calls.

They worked in every industry
To build the tools of War
From guns and tanks and planes
To ships and so much more.

A key part of our Defense
To free the Men so they could fight
Showing they could do it all
They worked the plants day and night.

Could we have won without them?
Some say it would have been tough
And we never gave them credit
Or at the least, not near enough.

So many years have passed by
With so many changes in our life
Thanks to what all those Ladies did
Who were Sister, Mother, Friend or Wife.

Del "Abe" Jones


We’ve lost a lovely, special Lady
Who’ll leave her mark in history
She made this World a better place
Changing a lot of things we just don’t see.

She was a model Wife and Mother
The kind we could sure use more of
Who had Her share of tragedy
Faced it with great strength and love.

She had a courage and commitment
That so few people have today
And when the “Rocky road”, seemed impassable
It seems She always found Her way.

It’s only been a few, short months
Since we found out she was sick
A non-smoker with lung cancer?
It took Her life away so quick.

And the worst part of it all
Is the loss to Will, Her Son
Who has a lifetime of sadness
In His life, that’s just begun.

“Only the good die young!”
Is what some people say
And it really seems to fit
On this very sad day.

But surely, Dana and Chris
Are joined together once more
For, they are two special people
Who surely passed through Heaven’s door.

Del “Abe” Jones
March 7, 2006


They start as little girls
In pretty frilly dresses
With their hair in pigtails
Or in long, curly tresses.

They dress up in Mom's clothes
And try to walk in heels
Put make-up on their faces
To see just how it feels

Then as they grow older
They learn about the boys
They put their dolls away
For their new found toys.

They'll fall in love and marry
As they were taught to do
Some of them are lucky
Some find their love not true.

They do the laundry, cook and clean
Play nurse, lover and friend
And as for a woman's work
There seems to be no end.

She never will complain
When she's feeling low
Seems that morning to night
She's always on the go.

Some will spend a lifetime
Trying to please her man
Always doing for him
Everything she can.

Taken so much for granted
The women in our lives
Not enough credit given
To our lovers or wives.

So take a minute, fellas,
Tell her that you care
Think what it would be like
If she wasn't there.

Del “Abe” Jones


She's the first one up at morning
Before the rising sun
She's the last one to go to bed
After the day is done.

She will sit and listen
When she's no one to hear
To things she doesn't want to do
Say, "Yes, I'd love to, Dear."

She will ease the pain of others
While holding hers, inside
Not let them know, of all the times
She's sat alone and cried.

She will be a source of strength
Yet, gentle and caring
Expecting nothing in return
For, all of her sharing.

She will be a fountain of love
With, an eternal flow
And when the light of life grows dim
She must provide the glow.

She's will be Mother and Grandma
Wife, lover and a friend
Be there for all to lean on
From, beginning to end.

Without the woman of the house
A house is not a home
When she's gone, it gives new meaning
To being all alone.

So, if you have one treat her well
And tell her that you care
For, if you don't, some day you'll look
To find, she isn't there.

© Del “Abe” Jones


She is adorned in buckskin -
Beads and turquoise sewn around -
Her hair, long, black, and shiny -
Her soft skin a golden brown.

The Princess of a Nation
From those days of used to be -
When proud Indians could roam
From mountains to sea to sea.

The old customs of her people
She holds dearest to her heart -
And watching as those old ways die
Is tearing her heart apart.

Once, there were unwritten laws
Which most everyone would heed -
But the ways of the white man
Has planted a bitter seed.

He has raped the fertile land -
And plundered Gods' Creations -
He's stolen from and cheated
All of the Indian Nations.

The Government has written
Many treaties of false word -
And the red mans' cry for rights
To this day still go, unheard.

Falling Tear is an American -
A true native of this land
Whose tears fall for the injustice
As she waits for Truth to make a stand.

Del "Abe" Jones


She was there at the beginning
When the world was new to you -
She was there to turn to happy times
Those when, you were hurt or blue.

She was there to listen to your thoughts
And when you asked, to give advice -
She was there to tell you, "Those don't match!"
Or, "Hon, you sure look nice."

She was there with you at nighttime
To help you say your prayers _
She was there to tell you, "It's alright."
When you had a dream that scares.

She was there at morning time
To get you up and out of bed -
She was there when you didn't feel good (or did)
To say, "You'd best stay home, instead."

She was there when you were hungry
And when you had those dirty clothes -
She was there when you needed her
(How she knew? Only heaven knows.)

She was there at the beginning
And she'll be there your whole life through -
She'll be there in your mind and heart
Just like a mother is supposed to do.

Here's a tongue-in-cheek poem my Grandfather, Charles F. Thomas, Jr. published in a self-published book of poetry, "The Aqueduct" back in 1936.

Since Women Got The Vote

It warn't so many years ago - I kin remember when
A man could git his hair cut, or shaved or drink with other men
Without a woman sittin' there, right in a barber's chair,
Or leanin' up against the bar an' drinkin' whiskey there.
It's gittin' so a man cain't do the things he'd like to do
Without some female buttin' in with a fancy how de you
An' try to do he same dern things - or jest a leettle more
Since women got the vote!

They useter tell us poor, dern fools how good the world would be;
How sweet an' kind an' good an' pure; of all things wrong so free.
How politic - a rotten gam - the same in days of yore,
They'd clean it u - the women woul - if we'd give them the chore.
An' show the world how plain, pore man had failed in his long job
Of runnin' things like politics an' sorter playin' hob
With wars, an' booze an' presidents an' other simple things
If women got the vote!

Wal, now I hopes they're satisfied an' happy as can be;
They smoke an' drink an' cuss an' swear an' wearin' pants like me.
They stagger 'round like drunken sot - like dern fools useter be,
An' roll their own, shoot craps, raise hell an' stage a fustclass spree
Thet puts to shame the ol' time toughs like what we useter find,
When men were men an' had a place an' women folks were kind
An' didn't imitate fool man the way they want to do
Since women got the vote!

Remember, this was written more than seventy years ago!


When most think about a General
They think of Ike, Patton or Powell
But I had the great privilege
Of meeting one wonderful Gal.

I met her in Waxahachie
Where I was honored to be
At the Dedication of a Vet's Memorial
Where they had etched my poetry.

The Pres was supposed to be there too
But counting chads kept him away
But the citizens still turned out
On a cold, cloudy, windy day.

I thought one of the highlights
Was Kathy talking about our Land
And the Patriots and Veterans
And the Military's Freedom stand.

You could see she was a Soldier
In the true sense of the word
And her heartfelt, spoken words
The most inspiring I have heard.

She passed on in August
While at her childhood home
Where she still was rooted
After thirty-one years on the roam.

Promoted to the highest rank
Of Lady Soldiers when retired
She served our Nation proudly
And many people, she inspired.

A role model for all women
And every other Soldier, too
A Commander in her own right
With honors bestowed on very few.

As Adjutant General
A champion for the enlisted
And for leadership changes
Although there's some resisted.

In the White House with Reagan
And with Bush number one
On the staff of Colin Powell
Just some of those things she'd done.

She saw the horrors of Rwanda
Its Refugees and genocide
And when she spoke of the children
And the mass graves, this General cried.

She was in charge of base exchanges
And was insistent on the plan
To get stores open for our Troops
In Iraq and in Afghanistan.

A Warrior fighting for the Troops
And won most battles that she fought
But then cancer came along
And all her strength and will for naught.

Much too young to be taken
Although she passed this final test
It's a sad time for all of us
Because we've lost one of our best.

Married to a Senator
For only eight short years
And along with Martin Frost
There's many, shed a lot of tears.

So, this Veterans Day an honor
For me to dedicate this piece
To that Great Lady and Soldier
And, may she rest in peace.

Del "Abe" Jones


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