On my way

I'm on my way to dying
been headed there, for all my life
no time now left, for crying
and, all that other strife.

Like all of us, time wasted
water's, under the bridge
all flavors, not yet tasted
gone bad, waiting in life's fridge.

So many words, unspoken
so many things, undone
some, promises, kept/broken
but, nobody, can keep, every one.

For all, there'll come this time
when, there are no more
words of sense, that rhyme
of, the knowledge, which, we store.

Del "Abe" Jones

A Poet
A poet knows not day or night
And not always wrong from right
But without the poet’s written word
Think of all we mightn’t heard.

Del "Abe" Jones



A day for the turkey -
Candied yams and pumpkin pie -
The time to gather family
To gives thanks, is really why -
For, the bounty on our tables
And the freedoms, we all share
To do what'ere we're able -
To travel here and there -
Sometimes, we take for granted
The blessings of this land
From seeds, forefathers planted
Grown into something, so grand -
It's not perfect, in any way
But, nothing will ever be -
This place is still the greatest -
"My country, 'tis of thee".

Del "Abe" Jones

The following from 2006 but sadly, still applies.
Maybe, next year?


The holidays are upon us
Thanksgiving, Christmas drawing near
But for far too many Families
There won't be a "Happy New Year".

Their loved ones are off at War
In some far-off foreign land
Some of them are gone forever
Not at all, what they had planned.

Many of them, "weekend Warriors"
Who planned Serving in their hometown
Some promised one Tour of Duty
But sent for one more "turn-a-round".

There are numbers to toss about
But to those Families just, that "One"
As they Pray for a safe return
And the day that War is done.

They all go and do their Duty
Find a special Camaraderie
Which only those in Battle know
Becoming part of their Family.

But, it really isn't quite the same
Especially, on that Christmas Day
They think of loved ones back at home
Who send Prayers and Love their way.

Another New Year is coming soon
Another one we'll be at War
And one more Holiday Season
That won't be like it was before.

Especially if you're a lucky one
Who doesn't live with that haunting fear
Think of all those who Sacrifice
And hope it will be better next year.

If you know a Service Family
With either Blue or a Gold Star
Take a moment to thank them
Show them how grateful that you are.

When you see a Military Uniform
Proudly coming toward your way
Give a Salute, say, "Thank you!"
For the price they have to pay.

As we Celebrate these Holidays
Shared with Friends and Family
Remember those who went to War
So we all can have our Liberty.

Let us hope for an end to War
So that each and every day
We can rejoice and celebrate
The Warrior's Holiday.

Del "Abe" Jones
Please watch and listen to, "He's Coming Home" at

also you can sign a Christmas card to wounded Troops through the VFW here http://donate.vfw.org/site/PageServer?pagename=2008_Holiday_Sign_a_Card
or Xerox will send one to Troops serving overseas for you here www.LetsSayThanks.com
or give to the USO here https://www.uso.org/donate/custom.aspx?id=1079&

The Thanksgiving Myth
(Written by John Two-Hawks)

Let me begin by stating that thousands of years before the 'official'
Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by Governor Winthrop of the
Massachussetts Bay Colony in 1637, North American Indigenous
people across the continent had celebrated seasons of Thanksgiving.
'Thanksgiving' is a very ancient concept to American Indian nations.
The big problem with the American Thanksgiving holiday is its false
association with American Indian people. The infamous 'Indians and
pilgrims' myth. It is good to celebrate Thanksgiving, to be thankful
for your blessings. It is not good to distort history, to falsely portray
the origin of this holiday and lie about the truth of its actual inception.
Here are some accurate historical facts about the true origin of this
American holiday that may interest you.........................................

'Thanksgiving' did not begin as a great loving relationship between the
pilgrims and the Wampanoag, Pequot and Narragansett people. In fact,
in October of 1621 when the 'pilgrim' survivors of their first winter in
Turtle Island sat down to share the first unofficial 'Thanksgiving' meal,
the Indians who were there were not even invited! There was no turkey,
squash, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie. A few days before this alleged
feast took place, a company of 'pilgrims' led by Miles Standish actively
sought the head of a local Indian leader, and an 11 foot high wall was
erected around the entire Plymouth settlement for the very purpose of
keeping Indians out! Officially, the holiday we know as 'Thanksgiving'
actually came into existence in the year 1637. Governor Winthrop of the
Massachussetts Bay Colony proclaimed this first official day of Thanksgiving
and feasting to celebrate the return of the colony's men who had arrived
safely from what is now Mystic, Connecticut. They had gone there to
participate in the massacre of over 700 Pequot men, women and children,
and Mr. Winthrop decided to dedicate an official day of thanksgiving
complete with a feast to 'give thanks' for their great 'victory'....

As hard as it may be to conceive, this is the actual origin of our current
Thanksgiving Day holiday. Many American Indian people these days do
not observe this holiday, for obvious reasons. I see nothing wrong with
gathering with family to give thanks to our Creator for our blessings and
sharing a meal. I do, however, hope that Americans as a whole will one
day acknowledge the true origin of this holiday, and remember the pain,
loss, and agony of the Indigenous people who suffered at the hands of
the so-called 'pilgrims'. It is my hope that children's plays about 'the
first Thanksgiving', complete with Indians and pilgrims chumming at
the dinner table, will someday be a thing of the past. Why perpetuate
a lie? Let us face the truths of the past, and give thanks that we are
learning to love one another for the rich human diversity we share.



For some it's a Day of Thanks
And for some a Day to Mourn
With those conflicting stories
Of how Thanksgiving was born.

Some say a friendly gathering
Of Pilgrims and the Indians
People from a far off Land
And the real Americans.

We may never know for sure
The true account of History
But there are no doubts today
Of what has come to be.

The Native's rights were taken
And, "Land of the Free" became a lie
Reservations became a prison
Where the "Red Man" was sent to die.

Treaties were written and broken
And still are until this day
Especially when the Indian
Might get in the White Man's way.

So now some gather 'round a figure
Overlooking Plymouth Rock
At a statue of Massasoit
Where the Wampanoag can talk.

Of a "National Day Of Mourning"
For an unrecognized Nation
(How that could happen to a People
Boggles the imagination.)

But, maybe someday in the future
There will be a true Thanksgiving Day
And one more wrong will be righted
For isn't that, "The American Way"?

Del "Abe" Jones

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