For One Reason, Or The Other

They don’t care about Women’s Rights
Or even, a Woman’s, “health”
Seems all they want to talk about
Is, “Obama wants to spread the wealth!”

All honor has been displaced
By the fear, that they might lose
Cheap shots, lies, and innuendo
To try to sway, the way, we choose.

It’s been the same old rhetoric
Repeated, time and time again
The same stories and the “Mavericks”
And, “Joe, the plumber”, wearing thin!

Not the same as George Bush?
Well, maybe that could be true
But, there is the real potential
For it to be worse, with those two!

Palin is just an embarrassment
What was he thinking about?
To think she could be President
Places his judgment, in doubt.

And where are his health records?
Don’t we have the right to know?
If there is nothing to hide from us
Let us see what those records show.

There’s no doubt he means well
And, maybe, thinks he is the best
But, I’m afraid he’s gone off course
With the old, “Straight Talk Express”.

I know some folks won’t vote Barack
For one reason or for the other
And sadly, too many won’t admit
It’s just because, of his color.

Well, I’ve already voted early
And I’ll just let you take a guess
As to who I think, will bring change
And straighten out our Country’s mess.

Del “Abe” Jones


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