Lincoln - The True American Way

Born two hundred years ago

In Hardin County of Kentucky

Moved to Indiana when eight

Then, he ended up in Illinois.


Though he could read, write, and cipher

He really wanted to know much more

He learned, while working on a farm

And running, a New Salem store.


Became a lawyer in the legislature

Spent years on the circuit of courts

A man with extraordinary ambition

That’s what our history supports.


He was married to Mary Todd

And they had, four sons born

Only one, lived to maturity

The other three, the loss, to mourn.


In Fifty-eight, ran for the Senate

He lost, but gained a reputation

Nominated, and in Eighteen sixty-one

Sworn in, the Leader of our Nation.


He rallied the Northern States

And he proclaimed that all were free

And especially, all those Black Folks

Who lived within this great Country.


Some Southern States seceded

And our Nation was torn asunder

More than six hundred thousand killed

In Civil War, Brother killing Brother.


From Sixty-one to Sixty-five

Battles raged across our Land

Ravaged homes and towns and lives

Defiled the countryside, once grand.


At Gettysburg, he gave an Address

Words, which are still quoted today

Like, “of”, “by”, and “for the People”

That became our unique, American way.


He was re-elected in Sixty-four

As our Country began to heal

“Malice toward none, charity for all”

Where, “Freedom for all” is real.


On that Good Friday, in Sixty-five

In Ford’s Theatre, a shot rang out

Booth forever changed our history

And maybe what, we are all about.


He would probably be very proud

If, he could be here with us today

And see our first Black President

Might say, “That’s the true American way!”

Del “Abe” Jones



Back in Seventeen ninety-six

Is when this Holiday began

For the birthday of ol’ George

At least, that was the plan.

It was his last full year

Of his Presidency

Born February twenty-second

Or the Eleventh, because you see

The old calendar was different

Than the one we use today

And some celebrated one

Some people, on the other day.

By the early Nineteenth Century

Celebrated every year

Birthnight Balls were held

Taverns reveled in good cheer.

Public figures gave their speeches

And Receptions given by a few

Then along came ol’ Abe Lincoln

His Birthday, in February, too.

In Eighteen and sixty-five

The year after Booth’s fatal shot

Both House’s of Congress gathered

For a Memorial, and solemn thought.

Not a Federal Holiday like George’s

But legal in more than one State

And then a Resolution was enacted

Back in Nineteen sixty-eight.

They made the third Monday of the month

To make for a three day weekend

To honor Washington and Lincoln

And this story comes to it’s end.

Del "Abe" Jones


"Mankind’s greatest accomplishment is not the revolution of technology it is the evolution of creativity " copyright Del "Abe" Jones 1984

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