From There, To Here?
I hope the American people
Are so proud of what we've done
To take that Communist country
And, help make it, number one.

And, think of all those Indians
Who have jobs with decent pay
I guess that is the upside
To all those jobs we give away.

We have paid for those palaces
With gold fixtures in their bath
Sure, those Saudis really love us
As long, as we stay on this path.

We have all the technology
To get us off those fossil fuels
But, some people just don't get it
Or are afraid, to break old rules.

The Japanese learned our ways
Build cars better than we can
After, we rebuilt old enemies
With that infamous, Marshall Plan.

We have left our borders open
To our neighbor to the south
So they could work for nothing
To put, the food in our mouth.

Most don't pay any taxes
But get, most our benefits
Sometimes, "illegal alien"
Is almost, as good as it gets!

Our Pres gazed into his eyes
And looked into his soul
But, not deep enough, I guess
To see that Russian's goal.

We invaded a sovereign nation
And now, we say, that isn't right!
When, they went into Georgia
I guess, we finally saw the light.

We try to play the good guy
Show the rest, the "righteous" way
We put bad people into power
In other countries, then we pay.

Our Country, the best in the World
Leaves homeless people in the street
Lets people die cause they can't pay
That, health (?) system, we can't beat.

We have children killing children
In, an education system, broken
With far too many classrooms
With our English, barely spoken.

There's the so-called "war on drugs"
That only, seems to know, the jailing
And puts our border guards in prison
With, our so-called "justice", failing.

We have agencies, the FDA
Is one, that comes to mind
Like so very many others
That are, deaf, dumb, and blind.

We have allowed human torture
"The end, justifies the means!"
Let our Government spy on us
Our Constitution, that, demeans.

It seems the almighty dollar
With motto, "In God We Trust"
Is not so mighty, anymore
And may, make us, go bust.

We have all those politicians
Who serve for their personal gain
Some cheat, and lie, and steal
Yet, we vote them in again.

It seems we will never learn
That the People must control
If our Nation has hope to survive
That must be, the American goal!

In our very, brief history
We have accomplished much
A lot of good, for all peoples
But, seems we've lost that touch.

We are in a downward spiral
And nobody, seems to care
Someday we all will wonder
How, we got here from there?

Del "Abe" Jones
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Updated Poetry TO 8/21/2008
 I was very honored to receive an award from Tony Pahl, The Aussie Bard for some more of my work.

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 "Mankind's greatest accomplishment is not the revolution of technology it is the evolution of creativity " copyright Del "Abe" Jones 1984

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