Where Allegiance Lies

I hear some people talking politics
And, canít believe some things I hear
Theyíre so blinded by allegiances
They won't seek out, the truth, they fear.

They wonít try to see past the lies
Wonít believe, (although they know)
The path of their favored Party
Is not where, they really want to go.

But, rather than do the right thing
Follow, that feeling in their gut
Theyíll vote how their Party says
And they stay, in the same old rut.

Sometimes, for the good of all
And, that is all, well and fine
But, even if it hurts everyone
Theyíll just go with, the Party line.

Our two Party system is broken
Itís just the red against the blue
And those who run our politics
Donít care whatís best for me or you.

Some States can even force you
To declare, for one or the other
When you might want to vote, both
One for one, the next, for another.

When they get behind in the polls
Thatís when the bs really starts to fly
Itís one ad, then a counter ad
And in most of them, the truth, slips by.

We condone it with our silence
They donít care about the truth
Theyíll use any means to get votes
For their Party, in the booth.

What is the best for our Country?
Is he/she really up to the task?
Am I really voting for the best?
(Some questions, that some, never ask.)

The Great Experiment is failing
And, the fault is yours and mine
Itís time we all thought for ourselves
And stepped across, that Party line.

We Pledge Allegiance to America
That, should be our single, sacred vow
We must clean up, this mess we made
And the best time to start, is, right now!

Del "Abe" Jones

Please sign the petition outlined below at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/942891356?z00m=17353944

Make Election Day a Federal Holiday!
Target: President Bush
Sponsored by: Care2

The health of democracy depends on the participation of all its people - for every voice to be heard and every vote counted. But right now, the United States is failing in that responsibility. In 2006, only 41.3 percent of the total eligible voters turned out to vote.

Studies show that the #1 reason people fail to vote is because of difficulty in getting to the polls. The federal government requires that employers grant employees the ability to vote on Election Day, but that's clearly not enough. If we take democracy seriously, then Election Day needs to be a holiday, so that everyone has the chance to do their civic duty.

Voting is the most fundamental obligation of our democracy, and it's worth dedicating a day to it. Urge the President to protect the American democracy by making Election Day a federal holiday!


Bailing Railing

Why is it, those with all the money
Are, in the front of the first line
With their hand out for a bailout
From us poor Folks, all the time?

Itís not just car makers and brokers
Most all big companies are the same
When things donít go how they want
Itís, We, the People, get the blame.

They fly all around in private jets
Stocked with fine wines and caviar
Ride limos to and from the airport
While we canít buy gas for our car.

Most of them pay little in taxes
Through, their loopholes and breaks
Paying less, the more they earn
While we canít make, what it takes.

They will send our jobs overseas
They donít want to pay the cost
To have it, ďMade in the USAĒ
Maybe, pride of that, forever lost.

They import goods with lead paint
And poisoned foods to make us sick
They donít care if some of us die
To get our money, (theyíre that slick).

They break our laws all the time
And donít fear, if they are caught
A slap on the wrist, rarely, ďtimeĒ
While, we can go to jail, for naught.

Millions are paid to so-called bosses
To bring any companyís, ruination
While stockholders, hire those CEOs
They want to blame it on the Nation.

With perks and golden parachutes
And bonuses, far beyond absurd
Defended by the dumbest reasons
That, anyone has ever heard.

We all really need a wake-up call
And all of us will pay the price
Maybe, for all the lessons learned
We wonít let this happen, twice.

Maybe we should, let them go bankrupt
And let the chips fall, where they may
With the hope, borne from those ashes
The common Folks, might have, their day.

Del "Abe" Jones

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