(VT massacre)

If we don't change the way we do
And learn to do what we don't
If we can't each, honor ourselves
It's a sad fact that others won't
And there will be no hope!

If life isn't treated sacredly
And we won't care for one another
If we can't hold out a helping hand
To help each Sister and Brother
Then where will we find hope?

If we can't let our greed and hate
Be overcome with how we love
Then, it's not enough to say you pray
To some god somewhere above
Though, you may feel that may bring hope.

If we let our World numb our hearts
And our minds and sensitivity
If we think life is some movie script
Beamed out to us on some TV
And think it's all not real, we hope!

If we don't quit our pretending
That everything will be alright
That it couldn't happen to us
We will find, someday, it might
No matter how much, we may hope.

Though, there are some bad apples
Our young people are the best
We must all help their learning
So, they can pass this life's test
For, they are our only hope!

We are all our Brother's keeper
And all other people's, too
If we won't stop doing what we don't
There will be nothing left to do
And then, there will be no hope.


Del “Abe” Jones

It's a sad, sad, World we have made for ourselves!



 Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Adam Bishop

A hero to all who knew him
He loved all, but Family the best
He excelled in everything he did
Until he passed this final test.

He gave all for his Country
A true Patriot, that's true
With three tours of duty
Trying to do all he could do.

He'd served as a Scout Sniper
And been out on many patrols
But was sitting at a desk
When he joined his comrade's souls.

Ironically, should have been safe
But evidently, was his time
But, the loss of another great one
Just, really seems a crime.

Birdie and (late) Gray are his parents
He was the baby of six born
Married Emma Katherine last year
And now, each of them will mourn.

And his loss touches each of us
Whether we knew him or not
Another casualty of this war
A loss of the best we've got.

He leaves a legacy behind
Of accomplishments galore
Good deeds to friends and family
Now, who could ask for more?

Well, all of us could ask
Although it will never be
But, he left his mark on this Earth
And will dwell Up There for eternity.

A final Salute with Honors
As he is sadly, laid to rest
Once a Marine, always one
Who has passed, his final test.

Rest in peace, Corporal.
Del “Abe” Jones



Another anniversary is here
It's been four years and counting
As things keep getting worse
And the Casualties keep mounting.

Thirty-two hundred Heroes
Sadly, have been laid to rest
And many thousands more wounded
As they strive to do their best.

For some, when they come home
Another battle, must be waged
Against the bureaucrats and red tape
And we all should be, enraged.

There are different types of wounds
Many survive, (at one time not)
Some mistreated or left homeless
Is that how to treat the best we've got?

Heroes, each and every one
Sent off, to some foreign land
Young Men and Women in the Ranks
To fight a War, so poorly planned.

The Pres says, “Give it a chance!”
“We think we have it right!”
But he has no loved ones there
Sacrifices nothing in that fight.

There are those who say we can't
Simply quit, and “Cut and run!”
But this centuries old War
Will not, in our lifetime, be done.

Some say they are better off
Since we went to their rescue
Since we said, “Here is Democracy!
And it's the best way, that is true!”

While we force Freedom on them
And send more Troops to fight and die
We're losing Freedoms here at home
It all seems to be, just one, big lie.

We were right to go after Bin Laden
But we got mislead along the way
The fight against, the terrorists
Got put off, till another day.

Once more, we policed the World
And made an unjustified attack
Took resources from Afghanistan
And sent them over to Iraq.

“Operation Iraqi Freedom”
“Shock and Awe”, another phrase
“Stay the Course”, another favorite
“Mission Accomplished!”, one more craze.

Our patience is wearing thin
For most of us, at least
And, IT IS NOT unpatriotic
To want to save lives with Peace.

For some, War is the only answer
Especially, for all who profiteer
Some just like War, for War's sake
Although why, it is so unclear.

Some just blindly, follow leaders
Who they think, can do no wrong
Or lead by some political party
And thoughtlessly, just go along.

Sometimes, battles must be fought
They are just and waged with reason
But, there have been those other times
When none, dared call it, “treason”.

And finally, the realization
We're in “their” Civil War
And just whose fault is that?
Well, we opened up that door!

But, we should move the sidelines
Let them fight this conflict on their own
Just as we did with North and South
The worst time, our Country's known.

But, a part of our growing pains
Along with other lessons learned
We found that Peace and Freedom
Are not guaranteed, but earned.

We did what we went there for
Saddam is caught, dead, and gone
They voted on their Constitution
Let's let, the Iraqi people carry on.

Del “Abe” Jones
3.19.2007  (newer stuff)   (9/11 Memoriam) updated 5-18-04 (more poetry)
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copyright Del "Abe" Jones 1984



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