A new patrol car in the Italian police force.
Just what they need to catch speeding drivers!.....
What a car!!
Pity they couldn't find someone who could drive it...


This is where the Columbia River meets up with the Pacific Ocean. This is designated as one of the most dangerous ports of entry anywhere in the world. There are at least 8 to 10 deaths per year with dumb ass people trying to get in or out in boats that are not made for this kind of severe beating that you see these boats going through. These boats are self-righting, super low center of gravity, sealed engine compartments, basically bullet proof glass windows, double steel hulls. Well, you get the idea. They are commercial shrimp and fishing boats. I have actually seen it so bad that the Coast Guard has closed it due to waves of 35 to 45 foot. It is quite a sight to see.


Italians!!!!!!!! ...don't we just love them...



Fabrizio - Rossi - Biaggi - Schettino

The Italian Cruise Ship Captain Francesco Schettino
began his new job as a bus driver yesterday

Costa Concordia

The cruise ship Carnival Splendor with nearly 3,300 passengers on board is aground off the Mexican coast.
The grounding occurred after the ship lost electricity caused by a fire in the engine yesterday, said Carnival Cruise Lines said in a statement

Cruise ship runs after fire

The Italian cruise ship Costa Allegra operating round off the Seychelles coast after a fire on board.
The Italian coast guard ship has lost engine power after a fire in the engine room. According to authorities, there are 1049 people on board.
The ship is owned by the shipping company Costa, who owns the Costa Concordia, which sank off the coast of Italy in January.

I have heard that the captain left the ship in its own private lifeboat.


Costa Concordia Salvage Plan Revealed

By Captain Staff on May 18, 2012

Representatives from Costa Crociere and the Italo-American consortium Titan-Micoperi today presented the details of their much anticipated plan to remove the wreck of Costa Concordia from the Island of Giglio using cranes and caissons to float the vessel.

As we learned weeks ago, Titan Salvage and Micoperi were selected to remove the stricken Costa Concordia from Giglio Island after beating out several leading salvage companies vying for the historic contract. Titan Salvage, part of the Crowley Group, is an American-owned specialist marine salvage and wreck removal company and is a world leader in its field. Micoperi is a well-known Italian marine contractor with a long history as a specialist in underwater construction and engineering.

The requirements laid out for the job included refloating the hull in one piece while giving top priority to minimize the environmental impact, protecting Giglios economy and tourism industry, and max imizing safety.

To do this, Titan-Micoperi will set up shop on the mainland near Piombino, where equipment and materials will be stored and crews will be housed, thereby avoiding impact on the islands port activities and as not to clog up the islands limited hotel accomodations. The consortium says the work will begin in a few days and is expected to last about 12 months.

The plan to remove the wreckage has been divided into four basic stages, descibed below in photos:

After stabilizing the ship, a subsea platform will be built and caissons that can be filled with water will be fixed to the side of the ship that is out of the water.

Once floated, the wreck will be towed to an Italian port and dealt with accordingly. Meanwhile, the sea bottom will be cleaned and marine flora replanted.

The plan was selected by an evaluation team with specialist representatives from Costa Crociere, Carnival Corporation & plc, London Offshore Consultants. and Standard P&I Club, with the collaboration of RINA and Fincantieri, because it best fulfills the main objectives of the operation removal of the wreck in one piece, minimal risk, minimal environmental impact, protection of Giglios economy and tourism industry, and max imum safety.

While this method has been used before to refloat ships, has it been never done on this scale. One thing is sure, however. Whatever happens, the operation to refloat and remove the Costa Concordia from the shores of Giglio will be a historic one and one the world will be keeping a close eye on.
Accident turns into dirt !
Hi, Am a captain with Royal Caribbean Luxury cruise ship, my name is George Biffers Ishmael a member royal Caribbean luxury cruise ship, I was deployed as a rescue team of the italian cruise ship Costa Concordia disaster on 13 January 2012.
I feel I need to relate Important Issues to you in regards to the italian cruise ship Costa Concordia disaster Tuscan island of Giglio italy. Kindly forward me your bio-Data for Details.
SincerelyCpt. George

Fire on cruise ship:

Tourists forced ashore (28 May 2013)

More than 2,000 passengers were Monday to interrupt their luxurious tour in the Caribbean since caught fire in their cruise ship.
The fire broke out in the rear of the Grandeur of the Seas, which was on the way to Coco Bay in the Bahamas. Passengers were collected in public areas on the ship, and it took about two hours to extinguish the flames.
The captain decided to change the route and instead dock at Freeport in the Bahamas, where the ship was emptied.
- There are accounted for all 2,224 guests and 796 crew members, and no one is hurt, says the cruise company Royal Caribbean.
Grandeur of the Seas began its luxury-Maritime 24 May, when it barely 280 meters long vessel left Baltimore in the United States.

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