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 Danish pork industry sells infected meat in Britain.

This is terrible!  I used to buy Plumrose canned bacon because it was storable on the shelf.  I haven't for about 30 years now.  I certainly will not look for it again.
I live in Iowa and we are trying to not have hog lots because your pictures are what will happen here.  Now, I drive through the countryside and see farrowing crates in the fields, and soon I will be seeing little piglets out and about in the fields, once they are weaned.  They look healthy and I would assume that they are happy because they are running about, etc.
How sad Denmark is having this problem, which seems to be a problem with the over-breeding.  Why not stop that? Melanie

    It is not only in Denmark - Hell on Wheels in America - Press here.   

Look at this Movie  and tell me, why  they don´t  kill those badly wounded pigs?

Maybe it´s too funny to look at?

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