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The Germans are way ahead of us on this one.
Here are 8 pictures of semi-trucks where their trailers are painted to look like the sides are missing and the products they are hauling are painted on the sides and back.

                              Something that is pretty incredible!

Think anyway what the eye can be affected.

Follow the instructions

1st - Click on the link below

2nd - Then click on "click me to get trippy"

3rd - Look in the middle of the picture for 30 seconds (do not cheat)

4th - then look at your hand holding the mouse, without moving the mouse

You will be shocked by what you see.

It is what we call "hallucinations"



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For this, you have to have your eyes screwed on to follow it. Hilarious one.


This was done once on the Johnny Carson Show. Good thing he taped it because it was never done again. It is one of the most hilarious skits Steve Martin did and he doesn't say a word.

Give it a watch and a laugh.
The Great Flydini

The Year My Birth (Fascinating!)


The screen is going to fade to black; have your glasses on, and follow the instructions below. You'll be pleasantly surprised with this one... Type the year only!! Then click the question (?) mark!

Sit back and enjoy!!

Click below...

Year of your birth


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Dancing with the Stars - CLICK HERE/KLIK HER - Vild med dans

Eye Test
Need glasses ?
Look carefully at the picture below:

Did you notice the bare butt of the girl in the back?
If yes

Then go to an optometrist immediately because this is the shoulder of the girl taking the picture!!!!!

How Babies are Made in Canada

Canadian photographer Patrice Laroche surely will have no trouble explaining his kids about the birds and the bees. During his wife Sandra Denis’ pregnancy, the artist created hilarious explanatory photo series titled

“How to Make a Baby”. The creative couple planned and carried out their project throughout the whole period of 9 months, taking pictures in the exact same settings as Sandra’s belly expanded. The pregnancy saga of  Sandra and Patrice basically denounces all the traditional cabbage and the stork stories.

More Fantastic Illusions - Click Here

Virkeligt fantastisk: Dette må du se!
Alligevel skal du ikke forsøge at efterligne ....

Truly exceptional: certainly look!
Still, do not try to imitate ....

Echte uitzonderlijk: zeker naar kijken  !!!
Toch maar niet proberen na te doen ....
Vraiment exceptionnel: certainement regarder!
Pourtant, ne pas essayer d'imiter ....

>>>>  <<<<

I think you’re going to have an extra look at this picture!

It appears the girl is sitting and the boy hugging her.
Look again – it is actually the other way round!

Sound ON
This animation is superb!

Many incredible photos. Click on photo
Mange utrolige fotos. Klik på foto


Denne film viser hvad man kan gøre i dag hvis man har en god PC, et redigerings program og lidt fantasi.
This film shows what can be done today if you have a good PC,
an editor and some imagination.

Two girls in a box - Hurts just looking at it. Click on Photo

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To Friends

What are we still doing well ! ?
A film that everyone should see ...
Does it have to think about human behavior! 

Do not forget those two pages: On The Road Again & Bank of America

This is really cool! And yes, I got up off my chair to try it! It's freaky!

This is the craziest thing I've seen in a long time..
You also have to get out of your seat and walk away from Your computer.
People may think you're crazy. But it's well worth it.

When you look at this picture you see it's Albert Einstein..
But if you stand 15 feet away it will become Marilyn Monroe..
Now what do you think of the reliability of eyewitness testimony?

Want some coffee? Here you go!

The first Click on the link (COFFEE MACHINE) below. Select the language.

The second Place the coin in the vending machine

The third Select Drink

The fourth Click on the cup when it is finished


Send a cup of Coffee to your friends

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Danish Warning Pages:

Se denne side om Lastvogne og Ratholdere

Pas på Danske Lastvogne - Jeg mener dette

Det går ikke så godt for Busdrivere

Danskere i Sne - Uhyggeligt

30 grunde for at bruge Firmabil

Obama: Support me with $ 10 in an SMS

Money is crucial if you want to aspire to become U.S. president - or to be seated at the world's most powerful post. But where it has traditionally been multi-millionaires and companies that have supported the U.S. presidential candidates in their election campaigns, taking President Obama now completely new methods are needed. He calls "ordinary Americans" to support his election campaign with $ 10 - almost 60 Danish kroner. They just need to send an SMS with the message "give" to 62262, the money will be pulled over their phone bill. (It must be a Joke? Webmaster.)

Money Makes USA go around or Not? - Click Here!

 Cartoons based on the current administration in  USA -  Click Here!

The truth shall make you trustworthy if not free - Click Here!

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You do not belive this, but have a look!

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