I got those photo´s and text in a "massmail".
I do not resend mails, so therefore I have it on this page.

The Dangerous Brown Recluse Spider

It's summertime & cleanup is going on. Be careful where you put your hands.
They like dark spaces & woodpiles.Also cool areas in the attic............cw

This guy was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider  Day3
The affected skin actually dies on his body.
Day 5

Some of the pictures towards the end are pretty nasty,
but take a look at the last one -- it is a picture of the spider itself

Day 6

The Brown Recluse Spider is the most
dangerous spider that we have here in the USA.
Day 9

A person can die from it's bite. We all should know what the spider looks like
Day 10

Please be careful.
Spider bites are dangerous and can have permanent
and highly negative consequences.

They like the darkness and tend to live in storage sheds or attics or other
areas that might not be frequented by people or light.

If you have a need to be in your attic, go up there and turn on a light
and leave it on for about 30 minutes before you go in to do your work.
Poke and prod the spider with your mouse, also 'grab' one of its legs
with your mouse and drag it around the screen -- tell me it's not alive!  
Also anywhere on the map hold down (or hit)
the Space Bar, and it leaves little bugs, watch the spider go after them,
this is totally crazy and creepy too!

Do you like to play with a real Spider?

Vil du lege med en Spider?

If Yes, Press Here! -  Hvis Ja, Tryk Her !


Letters from Readers

I live in Arizona where we have an abundance of Brown recluse.... It is no HOAX. I spray three or four times a year to kill these nasty creatures. I have personally know three people that have suffered their bites... it is as bad as the pictures-- necrosis sets in and destroys the surrounding tissues and leaves terrible scars, For those that doubt... let them come to Arizona or Texas!     

Ray Finley

Dear Bent.
The pictures are ugly, but I have a friend that was bidden on the leg and that is how it looked like. She nealy lost her leg. They are worse than the Black Widow spiders, which can kill you. These can also kill, but mostly you loose a limb or worse.
We know to look for both of them, when we are working outside.
Keep up the site. I like it.
Med venlig hilsen,
Chef Arne of Solvang

I have personally seen much worse brown recluse spider bites and the photo is definitely TYPICAL of a brown recluse spider bite. I live in Texas and have seen many of these bites in Texas, Oklahoma and Missori. Sometimes dogs get bit and they wander around with bones expsed sticking out of their skin due to the terrible necrosis.
George Eby - Austin, Texas

Hello Bent,
Brown-recluse spider is also one of the most poisonous spiders in U.S.A.
And there is a Hoax site about it with a virus!!!!. that is this link
I hope, that my information can help You.
Greetings from Dieneke
Please check: http://www.brownreclusespider.org/
Regards Eki


Hello Bent,
The story about the spider ... I have received it so many times that I looked it up and apparently it is a hoax
tom vella-zarb


Hej Bent
Nej det er ikke en HOAX.
Læs evnt. denne side:
MEN !!! både du og jeg kan vist sove roligt om natten, denne type edderkop findes ikke i hverken Danmark eller Sverige.
Judging from this article it does not look like a hoax. There are a number of other pages dealing with the same subject if you type brown recluse spider into Google.


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