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Thank you very much  Kathy

  I'm trying to make it look as professional as I can and this is a labour of love for me.
You said on your site that you weren't taking presents but I wonder if you will accept the awards I'm attaching with this note. Now that I have my own awards programme, I would so much like to give back to the people who have honoured me with their awards.

Thank you very much Liza

Since I have always found your website a great and fun  place to visit, with a lot of interesting material, all composed in profesional design, incredible colors scheme and fantastic webmastering... Therefore, it`s a genuine honour to present you my special 'Fantastic site award"... this award is very special, and only will be given to outstanding website, like yours!
Kind regards, Liza

Thank you very much Leroux

There are many wonderful Web sites on the Internet. However a truly remarkable site is something to be admired. This award is presented to those individuals who have mastered the art of web publishing, thus creating an overall excellent Web site. I have visited your site and was very impressed! The hard work that you have put into this site definitely shows. You have gone above and beyond with your site; it has diversity, astonishing appeal and exceptional navigation. Everything an excellent site should have! Please except my "Wibbie" award.

Never stop creating, keep up your wonderful work and thank you for contributing such a wonderful site, to the Web. If you wouldn’t mind, could you please link this award back to my site at http://www.louisianaleroux.com Best Regards, Leroux  leroux@louisianaleroux.com

Thank you very much Richard Soolan

Hey hey,  did you know that you have a Rockin Site?
And to prove it, I'm giving you my coveted sought after
Rockin' Site Award!
I was impressed with your sites:
  - Layout
  - Design
  - Use of Colors
  - Use of Graphics
All in all, You have a really groovin site and I'm honored
to give you my award.


Wear it proudly!  If it's not too much trouble, please put
a link around the award back to my site whenever you display
it on your site.
Hey, pat yourself on the back Bent, you earned this award!
Keep on Rockin!
Richard Soolan

Thank you very much Cindy

I'm Cindy and I give out the Boom Bear Award for Excellance!
I went to look at your site.
It was super!
And since I like your site so much I want to give you my


Hugs and Kisses

Thank you very much Wuf. Nakor

Well, you've won my award for the web page:
That is, I showed your site to my dog Nakor,
and he didn't growl, which is unusual - so you win.
You see, that's how I pick winners.  The name of the award is:
The Angry Puppy Award

It's a light hearted award that I have fun giving out.  Not
everyone wins believe it or not.  If Nakor growls at a site
(which he does quite often) that site gets the boot
without hesitation!
So you can be proud to have been selected by Nakor. He really
does have pretty good taste usually!
Have fun with it, because I sure had fun helping Nakor Judge
your site!
Nakor Loves Ya!

Thank you very much Garett Morins

Hi there... Welcome to my award, the Devil Made Me Do It
Hot Site Award.
Yeah, long name but I like it. And you'll like
it too...if you win!
I give my award out to sites that look good, load fast,
serve a real purpose, don't yank me around with screwy site
navigation, and that don't contain anything illegal etc.
You site

met all the criteria for my award!

So you Win!  You're site is now a Hot Site Award winner.
Garrett Morins

Thank you very much Sarah Kenzie

Congratulations!  Your site http://www.bentbay.dk
has been selected as a 5 Star Award Winner!

Only the best receive 5 Stars, and you are the best.

Congratulations from myself and my staff (which consists
of my cat and my plant)!

Sarah Kenzie
5 Star Award For the Best Web Sites On The Internet


Thank you very much Rude Eddy

Hi! I'm Rude Eddy! And That...Is....Crude! Oh yeah!!!!!

Your site is http://www.bentbay.dk right?

As my web site says, not everyone can win this award. Your site
has to be Crude Dude enough to make me say......
"Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!" And that takes quite a bit let me tell
you my friend!
But hey, you win!  Yep, you've got the stuff, and now you've
got the award!

I hope you like my site.  I mean, it's nowhere near as good
as yours but then, I'm only giving out an award so my site
doesn't have to be anything great right? Ha!
I'd love a link around the award back to my site.  So if
you could do that it'd be great.
Congratulations and all that stuff,

Thank you very much Lisa Toale

Hi!  My name is Lisa and I give out the Rainy-Day Award.
I really liked your web site
It was great!  Though it wasn't raining when I looked at
your site, I still think you deserve my award!

You have my permission to put the award on your web site
and link it back to my site.
I hope you enjoy your award!
See ya around,
Lisa Toale


Thank you very much Darrin L

Hi Bent,

I must apologize for taking so long to get back to you.
I've been swamped with applications for my award lately and it
takes a while to review each and every site that comes my way.
I want to take my time with each site and do a good review,
and unfortunately that means it takes a while to get back to
But I hope the wait was worth it, because you have won my award,
the Darrin WOW Award. 

Yes yes, you made Darrin say WOW!  And now you are part of a
select few that can claim that distinction I enjoyed your site very much.
Good to know you,
Darrin L.


Thank you very much Jim Stevens and Cathy Brokwen

This award is given only to sites that we feel have a special
spark about them. Sites have to be....red hot to win this
coveted award!
We only give our award out to sites we think are original, cool,
easy to navigate, and have a purpose. Your site fit the bill
Congratulations!  You have won the Red Hot Site Award.
You have a very Hot Site!

We spent a lot of time judging your site, but it was pretty
obvious from the minute we first saw your site that you would
win.  A great site you've got there.
Keep on building great sites,
Jim Stevens
Cathy Brokwen
** Note: You can reach both of us at this email address;

Thank you very much Polka Polka.

Hey, I'm the owner of the Polka - DOT award and after judging
your site  I have determined
that your site has the right stuff!

(your site being

You are now the proud winner of the Polka - DOT award.

It's a very great honor....well its an honor...well it SHOULD
be an honor!

This is THE
award everyone drools over.... well not everyone....well just
Tim the kid the lives down the street from me.

But hey!  It's an entertaining award, so I hope it brings
you just a little bit of joy.

On a side note, I really did like your site.  You've really
got something there!  I almost wished I gave out a more
serious award because you deserve to win a serious award.

  I had fun checking out your site.

Groove on,
The Grand DOT

 Enjoy the Moment, or I'll enjoy it for you!

Thank you very much Mr. Gerald Alfalk.

"Best Of America Award For Greatness" 

Upon reviewing your web site
I have decided that it would be a fine addition
to our distinguished list of award winners.

You run an outstanding web site, one which you
can be very proud of.  I applaud you.


Mr. Gerald Alfalk
Proprietor, Best Of America Award For Greatness


Thank you very much Kim & Anya.

The Dragon Web Award 20


Vi har haft et panel til at kigge på din side, og de har fundet din side værdig til at vinde

Dragon Web Award 2005 

Ud af 50 mulige Point, fik din side: http://www.bentbay.dk

45 Point

Dermed en:

Gold Dragon Web Award 2005


Kim & Anya



Thank you very much Mr. Mathews.

Thank you for applying for the Best of the Web Award. 
I'm honored to tell you that after reviewing your site,
I have decided to bestow my award upon your site

You site has everything I look for in a web site.
It really was one of the Best of the Web.

So how does it feel to be named Best of the Web?  You earned it!
All the Best,
Jasom Mathews

Best of the Web Award

Thank you very much Mr. Kevin Barber

What does it take to become an Elite Site?
Only the very elite sites will win my sought after award.
Style, elegance, taste...these are the things that make a site
truly elite. These are the things that I look for when giving
out my award. To be Elite means to be better than the best.
Are you elite?
The answer is....Yes! 
I was quite taken with your site.
It was more than qualified to win my award,
the Elite Site Award.

Hey, most sites don't even come close to winning my award.
But yours was a hands down winner.  Congratulations!!!!!!!

In case you were wondering how I found your site, it was
submitted to me through the Award-Me.com Award software

Keep up the great work!
Kevin Barber

Thank you very much Mr. Terry

Hi, I'm Terry - and I'm pleased to meet you.
I took a gander at your site
You know, to judge it for my award. 
Your site was definitely better than most of the drivel
that applies for my award.  You really have talent.  I wish
more of the sites that apply for my award were as good as
In case you haven't figured it out yet, you have WON my award!

The award name is the "Top Site Award" and I am very
selective regarding who I give it to.
But as I said, you have an above average web site and I am
pleased to give you my award.

I wouldn't mind a link back to my site, but you don't have to.
Thanks for applying for my award through Award-Me.com
You made my day.



Thank you very much Mr. Jacots

It's my great pleasure to inform you that your site:
is cool enough to win my award.

Cool job!

Stay Cool,

Yule Jacots
Systems Manager


Thank you very much Mr. Bores

Hear Ye Hear Ye, you have hereby won the Juggling Balls
Award.  You've rated 5 out of 5 juggling balls!
To get all 5 out of 5 juggling balls your site must:
-  Be designed exceptionally well
-  Be easy to navigate
-  Be unoffensive
-  Contain no illegal stuff
-  Look good in any web browser
-  Load quickly on slow connections
-  Serve a purpose
-  Impress me

Congratulations are in order...so CONGRATULATIONS!
Kind Regards,
Steve Bores
The OFFICIAL Juggling Balls Award


Thank you very much !

Each day we scour the Internet looking for the best sites of
that day. It takes something special for us to bestow the Best
Site Of The Day Award.

Today, we selected your site as our winner.


You have a site to be proud of! 

Site of The Day

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