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AOL, It is totally a system of it's own, and really blocks users from getting a lot of the things we enjoy, like clipart animations and different URL's are blocked. Say's things can not be shown as they are MIM's or MIME.. Here by the people that know different, we call it AOHell It causes more problems than it is worth. But there are many thousands of people that never had anything but AOHell, and you can not convience them that they are missing out on a lot of things on the internet. Having never had anything else they don't know any different and think that is normal. Why did all those people using AOHell, skip their Windows 3.11?

We got this from a serious Company:

To make it clear to AOL that a lot of people do not want and have never asked for their CDs. To stop the needless pollution of the environment due to distribution of unwanted materials. To preserve our personal privacy. We take CDs from AOL as well as their subsidiaries, CompuServe and Netscape. We DO NOT take any other media. Please don't send us jokes about coasters; we've heard them all. Also, we don't share, trade, or lend AOL CDs.
To collect 1,000,000 unwanted AOL CDs from people like you. We'll then transport the 1,000,000 CDs in an armada of trucks or something and give them back to their rightful owners, AOL. We'll ask them to stop sending these unrequested, unwanted, and destined for landfill CDs.

AOL anklaget for regnskabsfusk

Avisen Washington Post anklager den amerikanske internet-udbyder America Online, AOL, for kreativ bogføring. Ifølge avisen, som har gennemgået flere hundrede dokumenter og interviewet nuværende og tidligere ansatte, har AOL bogført annonceindtægter, som selskabet aldrig har haft. AOL foretog en række utraditionelle transaktioner lige før og lige efter fusionen med Time Warner, og det er disse transaktioner, som avisen mener at have belæg for at kalde fusk. AOL havde brug for at snyde med tallene for at leve op til aktieanalytikernes forventninger i løbet af 2000 og 2001. Desuden ville AOL heller aldrig have præsteret et resultat, som var højere end forventet i årets 1. kvaratl, hvis det ikke var fordi selskabet havde fusket med tallene. Ifølge AOL er der ikke hold i beskyldningerne fra avisen. Selskabet forklarer at de kontrakter, som Washingtion Post har undersøgt, udgør under to procent af den samlede omsætning. Heller ikke AOL’s revisionsfirma Ernst & Young mener, at der er noget galt med regnskaberne.

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