We buried a great President

(Although we didnít know back then)

And the Godfather of Soul

Who will never sing again.


In this year that passed so quickly

Weíve seen a lot of others go

Some who were household names

And some, whose names we didnít know.


Many of them lived life full

And many lived to an old age

Some, left their mark in History

And some helped turn itís page.


But, we have lost far too many

Of our best, and brightest, young

Just names on some KIA list

With praises, deserved, unsung.


They had little chance to leave their mark

Or to have and raise a Family

Or else, they left them all behind

In some selfless act of Bravery.


They spent the year or part of it

Fighting in some foreign land

And as the years of War pass by

We find it harder, to understand.


But, they swore, to do a job

And they do it, heads held high

All gave some, and some gave all

And too many Families, grieve and cry.


This month we have had more killed

Than in any other month, before

As the count nears three thousand

Since we sent them off to War.


Thereís been a lot of empty rhetoric

As they admit, ďItís not going well!Ē

While our Heroes keep on dying

There, in another man-made hell.


So, as this year, draws to an end

And a New one has itís start

Letís keep all those in harmís way

In our mind and in our heart.


And let us hope they come back Home

That, We, the People will be heard

That there will be Peace on Earth

But, I guess, thatís totally absurd.


Letís all make one resolution

To take our Great Country back

For all those dangers from within

Outweigh all those, from some attack.


Itís not enough, to vote one day

And then, forget it for the year

We must always stand for what is right

For, if we donít, weíll fall, I fear!


Two Thousand Seven is our chance

And who knows, maybe itís our last

To change our ways, try to correct

Things weíve done wrong, in years past.



Happy New Year 

Del ďAbeĒ Jones





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